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Local Healthcare Staffing Firm Gives the Power to the Workers

StaffDNA utilizes technology to improve efficiency for healthcare workers, and is adding 1,500 new candidates a month.

Many hospitals have dealt with an influx of patients due to the pandemic, looking to add staff to deal with increasing hospitalizations. In response to what he saw as an inefficient medical staffing model, healthcare technology and staffing veteran Sheldon Arora recently launched StaffDNA.

StaffDNA allows medical professionals to find jobs, customize pay packages by benefits, select housing options, travel allowance, and submit their application to multiple jobs at once. StaffDNA also gives healthcare workers the ability to request an extension with the facility, upload timesheets, manage all assignments from past, current, and upcoming jobs, and track job submissions without registering.

“The idea is simple. We want to give the power to actual workers that are looking for employment,” Arora said via release. “They can go out, find their jobs, submit [their applications], get paid, and work. What we are trying to change is the entire model of how the industry works and operates.”

About 200 medical facilities in 36 states joined StaffDNA’s digital staffing platform within two months of the app’s launch. StaffDNA is also averaging 1,500 new candidates registrations per month. The digital marketplace is on track to reach 100,000 downloads by the end of the year.

“The first month we had about 5000 people download the app. The second month we had about 12000,” Arora said via release. “We’re on pace [to reach] 18,000 downloads a month. Clearly the word is spreading.”

In the future, Arora aims to ensure the staffing model is as efficient as model for both medical candidates and healthcare facilities.“The idea is to take the entire ecosystem and automate it,” Arora said via release. “Automating an app for facilities to use and that exists for candidates that is tied together in such a way where the entire ecosystem works electronically in a very intelligent way and solves the problem very fast.”