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A Funny Story About D Magazine’s Office Bracket Pool

We're always here to help a reader.
My daughter was accepted into Purdue's engineering school, so I may have picked them (and Zach Edey) to go further than was strictly smart.

Today I got an email from a woman who reads D Magazine. It made me smile. So I thought I’d share it, because it might make you smile, too:

A friend and I met a Frankie’s last night to do our brackets. We love to gamble on sports! Anyway, after we racked up a $150 tab and had completed our brackets, we gave em to the waitress. I said, “I read in D Magazine that y’all are doing brackets for $10 each.” Well, I was rather surprised (and aghast) when the manager came over with our brackets and said, “We don’t do brackets.” I was ready to kill your magazine (haha)! Got to work this morning and was going to write you a harsh note, and realized that the article I referred to was from 2016! UGH. I am such a dumbass.

Lemme get to the point. I am writing you today hoping you have an idea where we can submit our brackets! Do you know anyplace in town where we can participate? We used to do them at work, but the guy in charge died.

I invited her to join our D Magazine office pool. The guy in charge is still living.


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