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Crayton Webb Is NOT Humbled

Here we go again.
By Tim Rogers |
Farah Qutub

Crayton Webb was once a reporter for CBS Channel 11. He went on to work in the mayor’s office and at Mary Kay. Now he owns Sunwest Communications and wears suspenders. Crayton is a good guy, and he takes my calls. So it pains me to do this (not as much as it pained me to do it to Dirk). But do it I must.

Crayton was recently named to D CEO’s Dallas 500, a cohort of North Texas’ most powerful business leaders. He took to LinkedIn yesterday and wrote: “‘Humbled’ is grossly overused on social, so it doesn’t mean as much when you really need it…like now. Truly humbled to be included with my friends Abe Minkara, Brent Christopher, Fred Perpall, FAIA, Jan Edgar Langbein, Lane Conner, Jennifer Sampson, Jennifer Chandler, Trisha Cunningham, Marvin Singleton, Daniel Novakov, Nina Vaca, Christopher Trowbridge, Tony Ruggeri and many others attending last night and part of D Magazine’s DCEO list of the top 500 most powerful #Dallas business leaders.”

He started off so well. Yes, “humbled” is grossly overused. It is also grossly misused. Crayton Webb is not humbled. His inclusion in the Dallas 500 is an honor. He is honored to have his name appear alongside those of his friends. Now, if Crayton had gone to Monday night’s Dallas 500 party at the Meyerson, and if he’d approached fellow party-goer Terry Bradshaw (!) and said, “I’ll never forget the Ghost to the Post play, that legendary fourth-quarter pass you threw in the 1977 AFC playoff game against the Colts,” and if Bradshaw had said, “That was Kenny Stabler,” THEN Crayton would be truly humbled.

Let’s get it straight, people.

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