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This White Rock Cyclist Packs Heat

Dude takes his rides seriously.
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On a ride at the lake yesterday, I encountered the fellow you see here. He’d made several fashion choices that struck me as curious.

First, he’s wearing a full-on Trek-Segafredo racing kit, signifying that he is a Serious Cyclist who enjoys his espresso. Except hang on. Where I’d expect to see proper cycling shoes, the kind that clip in to pedals, this guy is instead wearing Air Jordans (with complementary socks). While his footwear does match his Lycra, I don’t think team Trek-Segafredo rides like this, ever. And then, of course, there’s the gun. I’m told it’s a Springfield XDM or XDs with custom night sights.

As I passed him on the left, I considered raising my hands above my head but then thought better of it and just kept my head down, hopeful that I would finish my Sunday ride without hearing shots fired.

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