A rendering of the kind of community center Red Bird Mall could become.


Peter Brodsky Looks To Revive Red Bird Mall—And Southern Dallas

North Dallas has a skewed perception of the south, the shopping center owner says—and it's one he'd like to change.

Writer Peter Simek describes today’s Red Bird Mall, located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 67 and Interstate 20 in southern Dallas, as feeling “like the setting of a 1980s teen horror film, replete with the surreal faded painted palm trees in the Acapulco-themed mural that wraps around the center atrium.” One man the setting didn’t scare off is Dallas’ Peter Brodsky, a Brooklyn-born, former private equity investor who snapped up the bedraggled, 1970s-era center in 2015 and has set out to remake it, against all odds.

As Simek explains in a feature story in D CEO’s September issue, Brodsky’s Red Bird effort is as much about confronting and changing stereotypes about southern Dallas and its economy as it is about making money. “What I noticed after spending a lot of time in southern Dallas was that the perception that a lot of people in north Dallas have of southern Dallas is just totally skewed and over-simplified,” the businessman told Simek. “What became very apparent in different parts of southern Dallas is that there are very strong middle-class communities, but a real lack of amenities.”

For a fascinating, up-close look at Brodsky’s struggle to give Red Bird and southern Dallas their due, please check out Simek’s story, right here.