We’ve Got Some More Job Openings You Might Want to Check Out

Get to it, people!

D Magazine is looking for an online arts editor. But maybe that’s not your bag. Great! We’ve got three openings in another division of the company. It is called D Custom. What is D Custom? It’s a content company. What’s a content company? I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that. Here’s what I know with certainty: the D Custom folks work upstairs from the magazine. They all seem to dress better than editors dress. They do cool stuff for clients such as Avocados From Mexico and Fossil and Sally Beauty. And right now they need an account coordinator, a managing editor, and a senior managing editor. I also know this: if you worked at D Custom right now, today, then you’d be going to our companywide quarterly meeting at Bowl & Barrel at 3 o’clock, and you’d totally lose — unless, of course, you were lucky enough to land on my team.