Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 11

More summertime Shakespeare; Black Flag returns to Deep Ellum for a tattoo festival.

Rahr & Sons Brewinc Co.'s Blonde Lager. Photo by Kevin Marple.
Rahr & Sons Brewinc Co.’s Blonde Lager. Photo by Kevin Marple.

I told you yesterday about Fort Worth’s summertime Shakespeare festival, but that’s taking a night off, and now it’s Dallas’ turn. Shakespeare Dallas kicks things off at the Samuell-Grand Amphitheatre at 7 pm this evening, and the program has been held annually 1971, which is impressive. Our listing has some clever suggestions about what to do with your neglected CamelBak, as the event is BYOB (beer and wine only, please). This year offers the oft-tackled Much Ado About Nothing, as well as Molière’s Tartuffe. I recommend wasting some time this morning looking up Molière quotes, as he has some nuclear grade zingers. That alone may entice you to make the trip to the park, and here’s a favorite: “Grammar, which knows how to control even kings.” So true, M.

There’s a very different summer festival taking place in Deep Ellum this week, which is fitting. That would be the Elm Street Tattoo and Music Festival, and that could not be any more self-explanatory. Dozens of bands and tattoo artists will descend on the neighborhood where both music and skin art are already in abundance. This should take that up a few notches, as it’s not every day that the highly influential hardcore band Black Flag performs here. Often it’s much lesser musicians who simply have the ubiquitous Black Flag band logo etched into their skin. I just realized the genius of having them perform as I typed that. The festival will last through June 15.

Finally, there is a beer tasting at Rahr Brewery & Sons Brewery in Fort Worth, and a trio of their products made an appearance in our top 30 list of The Best Beers in Dallas. The list has stirred a lot of debate amongst aficionados, and go here to see if you agree or disagree.

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