Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 28

Mondays are tough, but tickets are actually hard to come by for a few of tonight's events.


Mondays can be a barren wasteland, entertainment-wise, so tonight is all about being lucky. If you’re one of the seemingly few people who has tickets to the sold-out Daley show at Trees this evening, consider yourself just that. The Manchester, England product is an R&B singer who is more likely to be seen politely drinking a milkshake than going shirtless for a sweaty music video, but don’t let that fool you. His undeniably soulful voice squashes any doubts regarding his country-of-origin, and puts him squarely in the UK’s occasional contribution to the pop/R&B tradition. He’s been compared to George Michael and Justin Timberlake, so I imagine he can drink all the milkshakes he wants soon. Denton singer/songwriter Jessie Frye is the supporting act, and the show should be an important opportunity to expand her increasingly sizable audience.

Next up, the Dallas Mavericks will face the San Antonio Spurs at the AAC tonight, for Game 4 of their playoff series. The results have been thrilling thus far, and have surprised a lot of so-called basketball experts. The Mavs are now up 2 to 1, as an underdog 8th seed facing the winningest team in the association. I was lucky enough to attend the third game over the weekend, and Vince Carter’s last-second buzzer beater stands as probably the single best sports moment of my life, save for maybe my little brother’s little league team “winning it all” 20 years ago. (In fact, I’m somewhere in this recap photo on the DMN‘s website, and I’ll buy you a drink if you can spot me.) There are currently only resale seats available to tonight’s game, but they’re certain to be worth every marked-up penny.

Finally, there are still tickets available to Seminar, the comedy currently running at Theatre Three that Alan Rickman made famous in its original Broadway production. Those tickets are limited, however, so don’t let the same fate befall you suffered by some of the Daley and Mavs fans mentioned above.


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