Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Apr. 2

Baseball, jam bands, and Second Thought Theatre's new opening.


Depending on your stance, seasonal sports overlap is either a great thing or a hassle. Last night was slightly awkward for dual NBA and MLB fans, since I heard some local grumbling regarding the fact that Fox Sports Southwest was already showing an arguably inconsequential Rangers game, while the Mavericks’ fate can change wildly on any of the few nights left in the season. Yes, I know it’s opening week for Texas. However, the Mavs did do their best to take away what attention they could with an ill-fated yet thrilling overtime display. But onto this evening—the Rangers are playing the tiebreaker in their opening series with Philadelphia. It’s the first pitching start as a Ranger for Houston native Robbie Ross, so look out for that. Rangers fans have very little to go on with what to think of this team so far, as the bullpen has yet to even be defined. Here’s hoping that this evening is promising.

If you’re looking for a different kind of opening week, Second Thought Theatre’s production of Nocturne opens in their Bryant Hall space at the Kalita Humphreys campus this evening. The dark family tale features design work by husband-and-wife team Seth and Shawn Magill, who you may know from the band Home by Hovercraft, and the significant role they played in the uplifting local hit, On the Eve.

Finally, there are a few local music events worth your time tonight. Jam band fanatics should consider heading to the Granada to catch the band Lettuce, as the group is full of classically-trained grownups and session musicians who actually know how to play their instruments. If that doesn’t move you, I recommend stopping by the Crown and Harp on Lower Greenville. They have a great weekly DJ night called “War Dance” where they play nothing but punk and goth records consisting of musicians who are much more marginally talented. But it doesn’t take itself seriously and it’s always a good time. You can never be sure how weird the crowd is going to get, and that’s always a plus. Dallas is never boring if you look hard enough.