Maryland’s Governor Says Rick Perry Is ‘All Hat and No Cattle’

You may have read that Gov. Rick Perry is headed to Maryland next week to pitch businesses there on the benefits of relocating to Texas, much as he’s previously done in New York and Illinois. The Washington Post reports that Perry takes a shot at the state’s governor, Martin O’Malley, in a radio ad that’s begun to air in the state:

“Unfortunately, your governor has made Maryland the tax-and-fee state, where businesses and families are paying some of the highest taxes in America,” says Perry.

O’Malley responded with some fighting words for our governor last night at a Maryland Democratic Party gathering.

“I know from past experience that the gentleman is all hat and no cattle,” O’Malley said. Later he described a 2011 debate he had with Perry at a forum organized by Politico:

“I kicked his a–, and he never came back again,” O’Malley said.


  • MichaelInLH

    Are the proofreaders on strike or have they just gone to happy hour? There, their, they’re…

    • Jason Heid

      If you think media organizations employ proofreaders for blog posts, you’ve been sadly misinformed.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    so ask guv’nor O’Malley how he likes the move of gun manufacturers out of Md.

  • Morgan Hoover

    Perry should mind his own state and stay the hell out of Maryland. Texans are always saying “Don’t mess with Texas”, well how about don’t mess with Maryland!!!