Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: Aug. 26

Where’s Robert Frost when you need him? (Forest imagine via SST.)

It’s back to school for many, and just plain old back to work for us after the weekend.

I’m generally fond of the work Second Thought Theatre does, but I am perhaps almost equally as fond of their scheduling. For example, these Monday night performances. I love them, not only because they provide with you with a Thing To Do on a night when things to do can be sparse, but because weekends get busy. It also allows other actors and theater folk to see the production. Anyway, you too can catch In a Forest, Dark and Deep, Neil LaBute’s twisted family drama, this evening at Bryant Hall in the Kalita Humphreys Theater campus.

Our critic, Lindsey Wilson, has LaBute pretty well-pegged, questioning whether we should perceive the writer as a genius or just a pretentious you-know-what. And the answer is, it depends on the work. As Wilson writes, LaBute’s “a difficult dramatist with a history of histrionics. When he’s on-point, his plays about bad people doing worse things are as eye-opening as they are entertaining. When he wobbles, however, his work can feel misogynistic, flat, and melodramatic.” Agreed. You can read the rest of her review right over here on FrontRow. Go to Union Bear for dinner, because it’s opening Monday nights and because you can have frozen Moscow mule whenever you want. You’re an adult.

There are also a few seats left for the monthly wine dinner at Sevy’s Grill. This particular evening offers four courses matched with Hall wines from Mendocino, CA. The menu includes stuffed grape leaves, roasted lobster tail, and a beef tenderloin. It’s $85 per person, plus tax and tip, if you feel like treating yourself tonight. Call for 214-265-7389 for reservations.

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