Unpublished Pearl S. Buck Novel Found in Fort Worth Storage Unit

I’ve never watched Storage Wars, but this story in the Star-T has me wondering whether I’ve been missing out. The idea that a woman could buy a storage locker in an auction at a Fort Worth storage unit and inside it discover an unpublished novel by Pearl S. Buck, a Nobel and Pultizer Prize winner, that’s pretty incredible.

As in, I kind of don’t believe it, even though “Buck experts” have apparently verified that the book is indeed the work of the author. But I’m probably just being overly skeptical, just because the story doesn’t provide an explanation for how the novel ended up there. Anyway, that’s not the part of the article that made me think about watching Storage Wars sometime. It’s another item a Fort Worth storage unit manager found once:

Jacob Crozier, manager of Mike’s Auction House in Fort Worth, said of the literary find: “That’s cool.”

He said his business had a hidden treasure two years ago — a 6-foot, 800-pound Russian bronze statue of three men on horses. It sold for $4,000 but could be worth up to $80,000.

I’m even more interested in knowing the origin of that bronze statue than of the Buck novel, and why someone would give it up because of an unpaid storage unit bill, actually. Guy probably begged someone, anyone to pay his bill, knowing that if he could just get the statue out of storage he could sell it and pay them back. But no one was willing, not believing he actually had a Russian statue of great value in the unit, without being able to get in to see it. Could be an O. Henry story.


  • Jennywren

    I heard about this on NPR last week. Apparently, her son verified that it was indeed hers.

  • Jason Heid

    I’ve not heard the NPR report, but in this Star-T story the son is quoted only as saying he didn’t know his mother had been working on this the last couple years of her life. It’s the “Buck experts” who are cited as verifying its authenticity.