The Best Eats at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport Are Cereal and Barbecue, CNN Says

CNN picked the best food options at the nation’s 20 busiest airports (Dallas-Fort Worth International ranks No. 4 by passenger traffic). And they’re claiming that breakfast cereal and Cousin’s Bar-B-Q are as good as it get for us:

If you’ve got a morning flight, Cereality at gate C6 is like Chipotle, but with cereal instead of burritos.

The more obvious Texas choice is barbecue. Family-owned Cousin’s Bar-B-Q (at Terminals B and C) also offers locations outside the airport and has 30 years of experience cooking ribs and sausages.

I’m not a frequent flier, and I’m someone who doesn’t mind eating cereal for all three meals in a day, but can’t you do better at DFW?

Here’s the list of restaurants at the airport. I’ve got to think they should’ve gone with one of the Tex-Mex offerings over barbecue. I mean, only if their article were anything more than a insidiously designed pageview magnet.


  • SybilsBeaver

    Cousin’s? c’mon Salt Lick kills them, and there were so many better choices at each terminal, click mongers they are, but not getting one from me