Texas Leads Nation in Repeat Teen Births

Steve Jacobs has the latest figures over at D Healthcare Daily. Teen births are down nation-wide and in Texas (good news) but repeat births are up in Texas (very bad news). This is a case where the argument over abstinence-only vs. sex education doe not apply. These young ladies know the consequences of their actions. So we are in entirely different territory. A second baby is fulfilling some perceived need that they believe will be met by the male (hope over experience) or in family-forming. Regardless, the social and fiscal costs are enormous: $1.2 billion in Texas alone.


  • Dubious Brother

    Wick – you need to brush up on the progressive ideology. These girls are making the “choice” to have more babies and not abort:
    1. Not because they are seeking a male as they have been taught that a father is not necessary for children
    2. Not because they are trying to form a family because they have been taught what a modern family is and again no male is necessary
    3. They are populating the village as children don’t belong to their parents but belong to the collective
    There is no enormous social or fiscal cost in progressivism – LBJ’s war on poverty is over. Just be sure you file your tax return on time and keep those tax deposits up to date.

  • FIJ

    Your tinfoil hat is receiving some strong progressive signals today.

  • Dubious Brother

    Not just today – I can’t avoid them. I just found out that health insurance companies under Obamacare cannot charge extra for smokers because that would be too much of a burden on the poor but Obama’s budget wants to increase the tax on cigarettes by 95 cents a pack. How can I keep what is Progressive straight?

  • Mike

    Don’t forget the generous government benefits they receive. The better to keep the Democrat elites in power.