Tracy Glesby, My New Favorite Real Estate Agent

TracyGlesbyTracy Glesby is a real estate agent. No doubt she’s good at her job. But D Magazine did not name her a Best Real Estate Agent in either 2011 or 2012, as one would be led to believe by her Facebook page. Glesby and I aren’t friends, so I can’t see her timeline. But the screenshot you see here was taken today. Which is why I like this lady’s moxie. Because last Wednesday, she got a call from our brand manager, politely asking her to remove the Best logos that she had not earned. Some snippets of that conversation:

D Magazine: “I’m curious. How is it that you acquired these logos? I am the person who disseminates these to the winners, so I am unsure how it is you even have one.”

Tracy Glesby: “Uhh, you can just google image it.”

And then:

D Magazine: “Our editors and fact checkers go through a very rigorous process to determine these lists, and when it is misconstrued or intentionally misrepresented by someone claiming to have won when it was not actually bestowed upon them, it really undermines the prestige.”

Tracy Glesby: “Ok, well, now you’re just using a bunch of words that I don’t understand. I’m an end-game person. Let’s just get to the end of this. If I take those two little logos off, are we all good? Because I can do that when I get to the office in the morning.”

As I say, that conversation happened last Wednesday. Yet the logos remain. That there is what you call stick-to-it-ness. You put your house on the market, and it doesn’t sell the first day? Tracy Glesby isn’t going to give up. To make the sale, that lady is going to do whatever it takes.


  • Chris

    I think it would be more fun to get her brokers response about this, she is risking getting her license suspended.

    • Edea Krammer

      Yup! Surely suspended Big time! Had the same thoughts…

  • gimmethewooby

    She’s not just a real estate agent. She’s DALLAS’ REAL ESTATE AGENT!

  • Marcus

    Have her bring by several “self shots” to the D Mag Friday editorial meeting at the Monk, her use of the logos can be determined after that review.

  • gimmethewooby

    Also, it says here she’s “good at keeping her word.” I didn’t google image this, but I google searched it.

  • civil lawyer

    If I was a former customer of her’s, I’d sue her for breach of fiduciary and seek as damages that she disgorge her fee back to me. It would be an easy win.

  • Matt

    I smell a ‘drop a D-Best logo on it’ tumblr in the works…

  • Jeff Duffey

    According to her company profile she graduated from SMU in 2010, yet she has already established herself as a “seasoned agent.” That’s some quick work. You go, girl!

  • Daniel

    I never knew that “disgorge” was a legal term, but now I do, and I can’t decide if I’m richer or poorer for it. If you ask someone for a refund, they snort with contempt, but if you ask them to disgorge? “Easy win,” I’m told

    Okay, I can decide: richer.

  • yourmomlikestacos

    “If I were a Man I would be George Hamilton.” Of course you would, makes total sense?

  • BrandFake

    You would think she would have been smart enough to Photoshop it! If you want to get away with Faking it, you might as well make it worth it or learn to lie better. I feel bad for the agency. They may lose a “seasoned” broker and she can lose her license. Don’t be such a rookie!

    Great article. I love that it’s dripping with sarcasm.

  • Mary

    Unfortunately she does not know what “fiduciary” means.

  • kimbrolio

    “Our editors and fact checkers go through a very rigorous process to determine these lists…”

    OR, just buy some advertising and keep ’em! 😀

  • Michael Hassett

    I want to comment, but I’m speechless, so I’ll just say “FIRST!”

  • mhigbe

    Sadly, her profile isn’t on FB anymore. Which is a shame, because I was looking for a Realtor who doesn’t understand “big words.”

  • mum

    NOT true Kimbrolio- OBVIOUSLY, if it were that easy, TRACY could just purchase it and save herself the embarrassment!

  • SucksToSuck

    No, it’s still up there, but you might have to be friends with her on FB. Girl has a serious rep for being a liar – proof is in the pudding…? I believe she claimed to kill a polar bear once in Alaska. Funny because I thought they were endangered?

  • DowntownResident

    There is no “fiduciary” in the world of the end-gamers!

  • J. R. Lewis

    This is clearly a violation of the REALTOR Code of Ethics. I would suggest making a call to her local association of REALTORS and filing a a complaint.

  • Sideshow Bob
    • Chris

      Ha, I think she is wearing the same shirt as the cheesy video posted above.

  • mhigbe

    I’ll give her this: she’s good at privacy settings.

  • mary

    personally attacking a not-so-bright 25-year old on your blog for using the d best logo? really classy, d.

    • Chris Chris

      Ding ding ding.. and we have a winner. I was waiting for the first person to defend her and it took surprisingly longer than I thought it would.

    • bad business

      there are 100’s of deserving agents that work VERY hard to be nominated and wait years to be on the Best list. she is not one of them

    • Neal K

      Sorry, no. I left pissy comments for Bradford last week when he publicly harangued some obscure high school kid for posting a tweet about an upcoming soccer game with an arguably distasteful rape analogy. This too is a public shaming, but the situation is different for many reasons too tedious to explain and at any rate others have already done so better than I could. This is deceptive advertising and fraud, and probably jeopardizes her real estate license and her job with Allie Beth Allman. I’m a bit surprised the Allie Beth people didn’t catch this themselves.

  • Gentle Shane

    A Polar Bear isn’t endangered if it attacks you and I am fairly certain that’s what happened in this case. Seasoned real estate agents tend to be devout environmentalists.

  • Gentle Shane

    This completely explains it. She was voted Best of D in the HPV category, and she thought HPV stood for House Person Verygood.

  • gimmethewooby

    But wouldn’t an aspiring real estate agent want everyone to see her on FB? Or maybe she’s too successful (see the back-to-back D awards) and can’t take on more clients.

  • fostokes

    Would it be irresponsible to put her phone number here? Because it’s here:

  • mhigbe

    She’s not aspiring. She’s seasoned. Like meat.

  • Ethics

    Actually, this is technically copyright infringement, amongst several other infractions. She was warned a week ago. This has nothing to do with “class” in regards to D. More than anything, it has to do with a realtor at a reputable agency violating her Code of Ethics. A blog post is nothing – D can technically sue.

  • Edward

    Contrary to many people’s beliefs, it’s not legal to just run around the web and grab images and stick them on your own pages. In some circles, the D Magazine awards mean something (I’m not exactly WHAT circles, but they exist…or squares…anyways…) and it is certainly within their right to enforce where their logo and recognition go.

    It appears that she was given the opportunity to remove the logos, which she did not. If she had removed them when she was informed “you can’t do that” then I doubt D would have publicized it, although the “you are just using a bunch of words I don’t understand” would have been very tempting.

  • renny

    Here’s what I wanna know.

    How do we know who really put the D logo into which image?

    Did Tracy paste it into her Facebook page?

    Or did Tim paste it into his image of Tracy’s Facebook page?

    And I coulda sworn her neckline was higher.

  • daveguy7

    She may not work there anymore. The page is gone and she has zero listings now.

  • Jean Val Jean

    You know, I think this blog post could make a strong argument for her being able to get a full refund from SMU.

    • AmyS

      Ummm, Jean, if she posted her diploma on her facebook page, would you believe it? Anyone fact-checked her degree?

  • mary

    yeah, and d SHOULD sue… not write a tacky blog post bashing the poor girl.

  • daveguy7

    Here is her linked in page:

    Interesting specialties for someone who does not know what they are doing.

  • David Burrows

    Guess I’ll remove my ‘Best of D’ logo to… (sigh)

  • renny

    Ya gotta admit that for a 10th FB anniversary gift Tim publicly showing Wick how to start a brush fire internet meme using one of Wick’s more valuable intellectual properties was a pretty thoughtful gift. Now all the cool kids will be looking for the D logo Waldo in all of their friends social media pages, girls will be sexting with “Best D” pasties, and a grand time will be had by all. Well played.

  • Cardinal Puff

    Let’s revisit the comment: “This is clearly a violation of the REALTOR Code of Ethics” one of those fables which always brings a smile.

  • heels

    wait, how did you get the big D on the side of your building?

  • PrincessMachiav

    In 2012, Allie Beth Allman made the prestigious cut. Connect the dots.

  • bad business

    because putting the poor girl through court and costing her $1,000’s of dollars would be better? uh, ok!

  • Randy Gibson, LPC

    If Randy Gibson, Licensed Professional Counselor (that’s me) put a “Best D” logo on his business page (Randy Gibson, Licensed Professional Counselor), would it get as much publicity as this silly little girl? Randy Gibson, Licensed Professional Counselor wants to know! (Randy Gibson, Licensed Professional Counselor.)

  • Al Franken

    It worked for me – Al Franken. And look at me now.

  • SDM

    and now the Ticket has mentioned it. girl should have done what she offered to do and take them down. she’s good looking though. i wonder if she ever took an Ethics class as SMU?

    • BrandFake

      She’s not good looking at all! Are you kidding??? You must be starved for pretty people! Get some glasses

  • Mathew Barnes

    Hard lessons…

    • Tim Rogers

      Said it before: so happy the internet didn’t exist when I was younger.

  • Mark_Rigney

    Now you’re just using big words…

  • PrincessMachiav

    I did not notice…is the recognition ABA received strictly for realty, or does it consider her business acumen as well.

  • LetsBeHonest

    First of all, let me admit that I almost feel sorry for this girl. Almost. From what I gather (from the diligent internet research of your commenters), this is probably the worst day of her apparently uber-privileged life, and she’s probably drowning her embarrassment in a concoction of tequila and her own tears.

    That said, I’m “Team D” on this one. Those awards are a big deal for those who work hard to earn them; I’d be pissed if I was a legitimate D Best and I heard about this. Or if I was one of her clients. It sucks for this girl that it turned into media wildfire (I heard it on The Ticket), but I’d say they set a pretty solid a precedent… Doubt anyone else will try it.

  • ernest t bass

    An end-gamer who, quite appropriately, tosses a mean salad.

    According to her bio, at least.

  • greek goddess

    She may have shot herself in the Leboutin…..her webs seem to be 404. No worries, I am sure mums has her girl tucked away somewhere nice to get over this Kappa Kappa Gamma greek tragedy.

  • renny

    Trials can be so technically limited to the nature and scope of the offense involved, in this case allegedly pasting D logos on her FB page, the cost a trifle for a girl who can afford SMU. Whereas shaming her publicly on the home blog costs the home team nothing, offers wholesale revenge that on the open internet ripples out and lasts a lifetime, and serves her up publicly as a warning to others. Why do you think trials are only a recent development, roadside crucifixions and lynchings being the historical message of choice?

  • Bill Marvel

    Does “Ok, well, now you’re just using a bunch of words that I don’t understand” work on traffic cops?

  • happy2bme

    so you applaud an illegal act!!??

    if she stole something of yours and people were applauding the thief I’d bet you’d claim double victimization

    grow up

    she is in the wrong

    stick to it ness is for the cancer patient who just keeps fighting

    or the person who has trouble passing their math class but studies long into the night

  • Dubious Brother

    D Magazine runs an ad for a law firm that shows “The Best Lawyers In America” logo in their ad and congratulates their attorneys who were included without identifying them. Would this be devious, misleading and infringing as well if all of those pictured in the ad were not “included” and would D Magazine be a party to the fraud?
    If Allie Beth Alman were chosen as a D Best, wouldn’t that apply to all of her agents as well?

  • Shelley

    She should have just dropped in a raspberry instead. Good for 10 more points.

  • Kevin Day

    Two or three years ago D sent out and retracted “Best Realtor” letters to a whole bunch of agents… perhaps poor Tracy was one of them? Everyone knows “D’s Best” is just a voting scam to get your friends to vote for you everyday then “D” hits you up to buy advertising. A much better scam than the one listed above.

  • PrincessMachiav

    Except that she kinda didn’t. She only mentioned how she got the logos, not why she sought them to begin with. Per the context shown, anyway.
    (Not down with negative comments re: who gains what recognition and how. ‘Everybody knows the dice is loaded’ so shut it).

  • Neal K
  • She’s got it coming

    I’ve got a Big D. Maybe she can use mine.

  • El Matto

    2/10 would not bang

  • AmyS

    Which raises the question, has anyone actually seen her diploma?

  • Andrew Plock

    This video and thread has made my day.

  • Liz Johnstone

    Try, definitely distasteful rape analogy.

  • JEH

    When you receive these awards there are specific guidelines outlined in the letter about the awards and how you are allowed to use the logos. In effect, you get a media kit to use as an award receipient. You don’t have go swipe the logos from In addition, they tell you the type face you’re supposed to use when using D-Magazine’s information on promotional materials. There’s very little to interpret on your own. I have no idea about her situation, but it does suck that it was on The Ticket. It perked my ears up as I was driving home.

    I got the “whoops letter” back in 2010. It sucks because it’s a fun party, but I didn’t take the initial letter as personal license to attach their logo to my business card or email signature. I’m not judging anyone that does it because the plagiarism involved on realtor websites is a much bigger issue in my opinion than logo theivery, but that’s another topic all together.

    As far as D-Magazine is concerned with their advertising and the choices for these lists, I can attest that it isn’t tied to advertising. Frankly, I wish it was tied to internet comments, ranch dressing and beer consumption, but that’s not it either.

    It’s tough to be a new agent in Dallas regardless of age, especially inside the loop. The competition is pretty stiff and the old guard keeps their business and business practices close to the vest. The path of legitimacy is often a path that includes some photoshop and image swiping. I’ve seen agents young and old work in the gray. It sucks this she got busted and didn’t take it seriously.

  • LetsBeHonest

    You’re actually on to something, Randy Gibson, Licensed Professional Counselor! You can’t BUY this kind of publicity. If she was smart, she could totally capitalize on it. TRACY, if you’re reading this, it isn’t the end of the world: acknowledge that you made a mistake/misunderstood the awards, be as public as possible about it, take a second to laugh at yourself (with the rest of us), and then give ol’ D Magazine a “Thanks for all the free press!” (the proverbial middle finger).
    Own it. Spin it. Problem solved.

  • Tracy

    Now you are just using a bunch of big words I Don’t understand.

  • SDM

    plus that was a 1 time problem, wouldn’t explain the 2nd logo.

  • Pike

    How embarrassing.

  • Warren Norred

    Yeah, I’m hoping to get a call from D Magazine and happily file suit against her. We’ll teach her some words.

  • dot Jenna

    LOVE IT!!! LOL

  • Jamal

    Why not? Our President does it all the time.

  • John Farrell

    < > This IMHO is an “oxymoron”.

  • Jake

    Agreed. I see her crying while sitting naked in a chair, in a frat house basement at a 3 am third rate fraternity basement modelling for a drunken circle jerk session. The woman just looks ugly and greasy.

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  • Daniel G

    It is an industry of lies. PICTURE THIS: The day of the real estate agent is gone, like the milk man and the morning mail. PICTURE THIS: A young entrepreneur like “Craig list Craig” or “Angie’s list Angie” decides to wipe all real estate agents off the map by providing all home sales nationwide on line for a small flat fee.

    It can be done, it will be done someday, and we’ll all be better for it. I am too old to do it but some young upstart should definitely consider it.