Denton County Teen Bench-presses 700 Pounds, Breaks Own State Record

From the Abilene Reporter-News:

What drove [Matt] Poursoltani to such greatness?

“When I tore my ACL, I didn’t have anything else to do, so I benched every day. I had to do something. It’s all I had,” he said, quietly and without a hint of braggadocio.

Poursoltani played defensive tackle on the Pilot Point Bearcats football team.

“No one moved him,” Coach Jody Allen said.

A gigantic boy among other boys.


  • Randy McCluer

    Is that a compression shirt he’s wearing? Bench press records are a mess because of them …

  • D. Shapiro

    Don’t understand the use of shirts. Robo-arms are next.

  • DDD

    I have lifted weights for years. Getting older and do not lift as much as I used to. Compression shirt or not this is amazing. Totally amazing. Give props to the kid.

  • JSSS

    Um, a 435 pound lift as a sophmore, a 570 pound lift as a junior, and a 700 pound lift as a senior. Although an amazing feat, is anybody going to raise a question about this? Anyone?

  • Number1Bruh

    yeah, i know the anti-haters will dogpile, but how many NFL players can bench this much? I don’t think benchpressing was the only thing he was doing during Achilles rehab.

  • Critic

    PED’s used over three years or Cheerios ?