Leading Off (12/13/12)

Rangers in Midst of “Worst Off-season in the History of Off-seasons”: Presumably this is because they must’ve removed the two-foot melted cheese and jalapenos face-stomp of a hot dog, right? (Flicks on ESPN) Oh, wow, never mind. This is terrible. You all must be very sad.

TSA Claims Girl in Wheelchair Is a Terrorist: Or at least a bomber. Or – in her 12 years – sometimes dabbled with the cleansing power of explosives. Actually, the literal karmic opposite of that is true: “Shelbi Walser was traveling with her mother on Sunday for a trip that’s become routine. The seventh grader lives with a genetic bone disorder and was on her way to Florida for another rare medical treatment.” TSA responded to the false alarm: “We are sensitive to the concerns of passengers who were not satisfied with their screening experience and we invite those individuals to provide feedback to TSA through a variety of channels.” Fox 4 is apparently not one of those channels.

Mansfield Neighbors Stick it to Vandals By Not Decorating For Christmas: I have an inside baseball question about this one. How did the reporter find the story? The gist of it is that, since the neighborhood’s Christmas decorations have been clobbered in the past, the neighbors went dark, no decorations. So someone must’ve called the reporter, right? There’s no way CBS’s Arezow Doost was driving around Mansfield, saw a block with no lights, and started asking around. Seems calling a news reporter, being interviewed on camera, and saying things like “I had a blue stream that used to run in my front yard because the deer would be drinking from it” sort of invites the kind of trouble they’re trying to avoid, no?


  • Lin Lofley

    No known connection, but as a member of the Rangers’ email club, whatever it is, right on time today comes Season’s Greeting from the ballclub. I call the timing unfortunate, but they did a worthy job with it. Instead of the dearly departed, this year’s e-card features Adrian Beltre and David Murphy. Worth successors, I hope. But I have to admit that this isn’t looking good.

  • Lin Lofley

    Holey moley! That’s not Adrian Beltre (my bad!). It’s Nelson Cruz. I just had a flashback to Game Six of the 2010 series.

  • Switchingtomoreinterestingblog

    Who hired this Bradford Pearson joker? I’m bored with his complete disregard for our local culture and satirical disinterest. Lame.