Leading Off (11/9/12)

Two Arts Plaza Design Comes to Light: The most interesting line in this paywalled DMN story, regarding One Arts Plaza’s design: “The understated concrete and glass high-rise was styled so that it wouldn’t compete for attention with the landmark cultural facilities planned in the Arts District.” So a developer purposefully created a less attractive building, lest it take away from the “landmark” nature of new buildings? I don’t understand this city sometimes/ever.

Fort Worth Police Banned From Typing While Driving: Meaning they now have to abide by the rules every other driver in Fort Worth is subject to.

Denton Janitor Caught With 12-Year-Old: First of all, this is terrible. I’m not minimizing this, or any similar incidents. Second, a question I’ve long wondered. Do sexual predators look like creeps because we know they’re sexual predators, or are they sexual predators because they’ve been spurned due to their looks?

I Wanted to Keep Bethany’s YouTube Tradition Alive: But I failed. Find your own if you’d like, then post it here. I’m a very generous hat-tipper.


  • Lew Patton
  • Lew Patton
  • Lew Patton

    OK, I found this video on YouTube and it works much better. My apologies.


  • critic

    Maybe it is time to install fritted glass on the Museum Tower

  • Daniel

    Not to start a shucks-storm or be overly harsh, but the notion that people commit sexual assault as a response to sexual frustration is offensive and wrongheaded. The notion that someone would seek liaisons with children because women have rejected him is even more preposterous.

    But anyway: Mostly these dudes look creepy due to bias confimation — you take note when they look creepy (as this scumbag does), but you don’t particularly notice when they’re average-looking or even relatively handsome.

  • bigjondaniel

    @Daniel – thank you for pointing out to Bradford how dumb and wrong headed that stament is

  • Button Girl

    The Bethany situation is curious. She worked extremely hard to promote herself and court the ed staff at D a few years ago, then she quit responding to commenters and posting on this blog. I’m surprised she didn’t say “goodbye” or “see you soon.”

  • Anne Mckinney-page

    .Bitter, Party of 1…
    Bitter, Party of 1…
    Button Girl… your table is ready.
    Sheesh… have you thought that MAYBE Bethany has a REAL life outside the Blogosphere? One that involves starting a new biz, and aiding all those in her life that she cares for. You sound like many of the many jealous wannabees, who didn’t get the job when it was available… ans now judge the others that did find employment.

    And a special thanks to Daniel, and BigJon Daniel… who explained in simpler.. and kinder words than I would have to Young Bradford. Most people who have not been exposed to it, have no understanding that sex abuse is not just a physical act… but the byproduct of the abuser’s own abuse as a child. Not everyone who is abused as a child goes on to abuse… but I will bet you dollars to doughnuts that all abusers WERE abused as children. And someone’s looks have nothing to do with one’s sexual proclivities.

  • Amy S

    For Hunter, our Wonderdog and friend for 13 years. You left us too soon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdIirvDZDgQ&feature=related