Leading Off (11/21/12)

Museum Tower Rejects Louver System. Tim called it: the Museum Tower reps said a louver system won’t work.

Tarrant County Named Hail Capital of Texas. Since 1995, there have been 800 hail events in Tarrant County. The second place county, Randall County, had only 680 events. These findings will be presented at the War on Hail Conference, which takes place in Irving next week. Two questions: 1. How did Irving get the War on Hail Conference? 2. There’s a War on Hail Conference?

More News on Hostess. I know you haven’t heard enough about Hostess this week, so here’s another bit of news: mediation talks with the union failed. So those little items are that much closer to being a thing of the past.

Emmitt Smith Eliminated from Dancing With the Stars. Yep. It’s true. Smith was eliminated from the show. I remember my husband and I meeting Smith. We couldn’t think of an opening line. He’s done a thing or two in his lifetime, but I figured we needed a good opening line. You’re thinking I’m going to say that we mentioned his first time on DWTS. Nope. We mentioned his appearance on How I Met Your Mother about his appearance on DWTS. At the time, I thought it was a good idea.


  • Kk.

    Well that’s a shame. How much is all new low reflective glass going to cost them? If the tower doesn’t solve this problem – for the entire neighborhood which can’t be fixed by changing the Nasher roof – their units will stay empty until the thing goes into bankruptcy. It looks like they will continue to stall and do nothing. Insist the Nasher change it’s roof. That will tick along until May arrives, temps soar and we have long days with blazing sun. The folks that have become regulars at Klyde Warren will start freaking out when the towers magnifying glass effect makes their clothes start smoking while they do their yoga, eat their lunch, etc. The outcry will ramp up again, worldwide news will point and laugh that Dallas tried to create a “world class arts and urban entertainment district” but one bourgeois apartment building continues to stymie the effort and spoil the whole district, clownish city officials doing absolutely nothing while screaming, “what about our heroic police and firemen??!!??” Perhaps we can just give the police and firemen units there when they don’t sell?
    Did anyone find out the details on the “money back guarantee “? Unless your money sits in a trust that the tower can’t touch you’d be a fool to give them a nickel.