Kiss Poster on Train Amuses Local Editor

imageI’d like to offer congratulations to whoever it was that sold Kiss’ record label on the idea of advertising on a DART train. When you consider that there’s virtually no demographic overlap between the band’s fanbase and the transit agency’s clientele, that’s an impressive bit of salesmanship.


  • Lew Patton

    The same people who sold DART the Fort Worth Museum at Mockingbird Station.

  • Willy Loman

    Those Zig Ziglar seminars I attended in the 80’s finally paid off. I can’t wait for my commission check. Selling with this outfit is hard, they wont give a draw check anymore 🙁

    I’m now working on a deal in Austin – SEC posters in train and bus stops. Fingers crossed.

    What a week first this and now Biff is coming home for Thanksgiving. What a reunion this going to be.

  • cute

    Aw, Dan, do you imagine KISS shows are still populated by teenagers? Teenagers with big hair and acid washed jeans? That’s cute.