Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: July 10

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Beam me up.

A fun fact about me is that I really love Boston’s “More Than a Feeling.” I will sit in the car until it’s over. I know all the words, though I can’t sing them nearly as well as Brad Delp. Nothing feels more like summer to me than that song and a boat on Grapevine Lake.

And while I am one of those terrible popular-songs-only-fans who couldn’t tell you much more about the rest of Boston’s discography, there are many more diehard enthusiasts who make up for my inattention. I suppose some might say that Boston died in spirit with Delp’s suicide in 2007, but a band as big as that goes on. For true fans, endless riffs from founding member Tom Scholz is worth the ticket price, and also the trip to Grand Prairie. All the original members plus a sub up front will play the Verizon Theatre tonight, with support from Joe Robinson.

Unfortunately, the Asleep at the Wheel concert at the Arboretum is sold out, but if you already planned on attending, keep a weather eye out for D‘s own Joslyn Taylor and Jamie Laubhan-Oliver. They’re your talented, charming hosts for the evening, and they’ll tell you all about D Moms, a new publication coming to you this fall.

Elsewhere this evening, the Dallas Opera continues their Baritones and Beach Balls series designed to get folks pumped about their upcoming Pursuits of Passion season. I will be honest. I know almost nothing about Turandot, beyond that it was written by Puccini. However, I am a super huge fan of two semi-related things: Arabian Nights, and Disney’s Aladdin. I say semi-related because Puccini took the story of Turandot from The Thousand and One Days, the companion to the more popular Arabian Nights. This the end of my insight, which is why it’d be a good idea to attend TDO’s talk tonight at the Winspear with the amusing and erudite Dr. Stephen Dubberly. He’s joined WRR’s Kurt Rongey, so it should be a fun and informative evening exploring Puccini’s masterworks.

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