Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: June 6

Oh man, Ray Bradbury. I’ll be digging out my copy of Dandelion Wine tonight.

Bless you, Bridesmaids, for single-handedly reviving Wilson Phillips. That’s two Wilsons (daughters of Beach Boy Brian) and one Phillips (daughter of John and Michelle, of The Mamas and the Papas). On account of my relative youth, I missed the boat on their early ’90s heyday, but I did not miss a terrible bowl hair cut. I will never forgive my mother for that particular above-the-ears chop. Or for that sailor suit.

Anyway, they had plenty of irresistible hits, and they’re so delightfully, unreservedly cheesy that you have to turn whatever it is–”Hold On,” the underrated “You’re In Love”–up. See and hear the trio tonight in concert at the Winspear Opera House, which is a freaking fantastic place to listen to music even if you feel weirdly confined to your armchair-esque seat. Wilson Phillips just released a new CD covering the hits that made their parents famous (their twangy version of “Don’t Worry Baby” doesn’t quite give me the chills that the original does, but no real surprise there). I’m also attached to their cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Go Your Own Way.” You can still get tickets.

For the civically-minded, the Lakewood Theater hosts the Dallas chapter of Good Magazine‘s Good Ideas for Cities initiative, which aims to bolster local creative-solving types as they tackle various urban challenges. Events are taking place in six different cities, including our own. Sounds similar to the Spark Club, but unfortunately their website hasn’t been updated since last year. The city’s office of economic development, the Dallas Parks Foundation, and DART will present their issues, then you’ll be asked to put on your thinking cap to come up with creative solutions to the problems posed by these groups. This whole meeting of minds kicks off with drinks and other refreshments, but I’d drop by the Arcade Bar after for nightcap of both the alcoholic and movie popcorn variety.

Update: And while this doesn’t have much bearing on an otherwise decent event, Bradford Pearson just reminded me that Good laid off the majority of their edit staff last week. Sad stuff, though Brad also pointed me toward their new venture, called Tomorrow. Check it out. Also, bonus, former executive editor Ann Friedman is responsible for #realtalk from your editor. Which is, objectively, hilarious.

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