Leading Off (6/15/12)

DISD Board Shaking Couch Cushions to Offset $23 Million Shortfall. The Dallas ISD board of trustees is now examining a budget for the next year that includes increased kindergarten sizes and increased Pre-K offerings, as well as no raises but also no tax increases. The budget is $23 million less than previous years, and also meant that several schools were shuttered altogether. Not to beat a dead horse, but

Three More Arrested in Burning of Puppy. Richard Valentine, Adrian Ayers and Darius Carey were all charged with animal cruelty in connection with the burning of Justice, a stray pit bull puppy who later died of infection. Darius Ewing was arrested in April.

Tornado > Hail. So remember that hail that hit everywhere but my neighborhood this week? Well, in Fannin County it was called a tornado instead, and it ate houses and trees and tossed little old ladies around.

DMV Promises Shorter Waits With MegaCenters. One in Fort Worth, one in Garland. They’ll be all technologied up, and the goal is to get people in and out in 30 minutes. I know two places to go that already get you out speedily without the new stuff, but I’m not telling any of you unless it’s for $500. Hint: It ain’t Plano.

Loya Insurance Fined by State. Loya Insurance Co. was fined $300,000 for deceptive business practices, a consent order from state Insurance Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman revealed. Loya apparently is one of the leading auto insurers in Texas, but also has one of the state’s highest complaint rates.


  • Urban dweller

    They should bring back public lynchings for the puppy burners. Hopefully, the animal lovers will continue to keep this story in the news.

  • Amy S

    The Comptroller of Public Accounts yesterday announced a tax amnesty program which will run from June 12th – August 17th. No penalties or interest if you just pay what you owe. DISD isn’t the only one searching through empty purses.

  • Long Memory

    @Urban dweller: Engage in hyperbole much? I’d settle for good old-fashioned banishment. After the tarring and the feathering. But not lynching. Tarring, feathering and banishment are old-school barbarities. Lynching is really medieval.

  • Long Memory

    When does the DISD’s new communications and marketing, uh, director start? I want her to explain what in hell they’re doing. She’s highly qualified, you know.

  • Urban dweller

    @Long Memory: Tarring and feathering would be going too easy on them. I’d be happy with setting them ablaze just like they did the puppy, but I figured good old fashioned lynching would be more tolerable for the public.

  • DISD Board Shaking Couch Cushions to Offset $23 Million Shortfall? Perhaps they start by laying off the PR and Communication folks… Just sayin…

  • Long Memory

    In a lot of places that would be considered excessive, Urban. Those places ain’t Texas, of course.

  • mynameisbill

    They should neither burn nor tar and feather these putrid, despicable miscreants who tortured that poor helpless dog. No, they should strap each of these “real” animals down and have the dogs/cats/whatever at each and every shelter around the area do their business on them(you know, their poo/pee jobs). And these worthless mouthbreathers should then not be allowed to clean up, but yet sit in their (hopefully)dark hole for the rest of their evil lives….while tape recordings of dogs barking and cats meowing play over and over from loudspeakers directed into their individual dungeons. May their sick, twisted minds and souls forever be distressed by their vile act.

  • Urban dweller

    @ Long Memory: Texas is actually pretty complacent about the mistreatment of animals, so not much will really happen to them, but it’s fun wishing it would. I bet they’re “saggers” too. We need Caraway on this! Oh, wait, he gave another dog killer, Michael Vick, the keys to the city, nevermind.

  • Jennifer


    why you Democrats really do miss the days of pulling the sheets over your heads

    now you just spend your time ( trying) pulling the sheets over others heads