Who Wants a $1 Bus Ride to San Antonio, Houston, or Austin?

A bus outfit called Megabus, with which Bradford Pearson of People Newspapers is familiar, is expanding into Texas.

They’re giving away a lot of free seats from Dallas to Austin, Houston, and San Antonio in their first week of operation, and offering $1 fares to many other spots. You can catch a ride with them starting June 19.

And this comes after Dallas-based Greyhound launched its own Greyhound Express bus service between these major Texas cities earlier this year. It also offers $1 fares for advance purchases on some routes and dates.

Man, who needs a car anymore?


  • Kcdallas

    Wonder what stings greyhound had to pull over in city hall to get dallas to kick megabus outta downtown. Megabus has to take off from grand prairie. So much for competition thru free markets, huh?