Things To Do In Dallas This Weekend: May 4-6

Tequila is the most likely sponsor of all your poor (also, potentially brilliant, but should come under revaluation in the morning) decisions this weekend. Have a good time, as safely as possible. I want to know you’re all back here Monday morning.


Right. May the Fourth be with you. I was Googling the phrase “Help Me Obi-Wan + cat” and stumbled upon this instead of what I was actually looking for. You’re welcome. (This isn’t it either, but it’s closer.)

Speaking of movies, you can make one very quickly tonight. The annual 24-Hour Video Race is on at 11:59 pm tonight. From that point, teams of contestants have 24 hours to write, shoot, and edit a film. You’re given a theme, a prop, a location, and a line of dialogue to get started. If you’re not registered yet but, like me, you think this sounds awesome, you can register right up until the last minute at the Angelika.


Cinco de Mayo. I’m sure you know where you like to hunker down and drink on a given day, but Raya Ramsey has rounded up the best places to go for a little something extra, be it drink specials or giant Jenga. And if you enjoy stuffing your face with queso (especially Bob Armstrong Queso), your destination is obviously Mattito’s. Your destination is still Mattito’s if you’ve never had Bob Armstrong dip, so you can cross it off your Must Do Dallas list. Carol also put together some food-centric alternatives. My favorite is Jockey and Juleps at Sissy’s.

For something that doesn’t necessarily involve sombreros, there’s Diavolo Dance Theater. You can use tonight’s TITAS-sponsored performance as inspiration for whatever wacky moves you might show off under the influence later. Diavolo promises stunning sets, props, and crazy acrobatics. The company, helmed by founder and artistic director Jacques Heim, performs a new piece that further illustrates the dancers’ dedication to breaking down the way we humans relate to our environment and everyday events. There are only three tickets left, so hurry. For musical offerings, including Sarah Jaffe’s record release show at the Granada, head over to FrontRow.


I brought my family’s golden retriever puppy, Samwise Gamgee, to Dallas for the first time a few weeks ago. He had a fantastic day sniffing out the Katy Trail and making friends with Bradford Pearson and his lovely fiancée (Sam especially enjoyed reorganizing their shoes and listing to M83–his favorite song is “Midnight City,” of course). Anyway, Sammy was so well-behaved that he deserves another outing. For his next field trip, we’ll head for the Dog Bowl at Fair Park. The Cotton Bowl will be transformed into a big doggie park, complete with live entertainment, a doggie-owner lookalike contest, refreshments (for dogs and humans), and more.

And finally, the Dallas Theater Center’s production of Next Fall closes Sunday at the Kalita Humphreys. If you haven’t seen it yet, make plans to do so.

For more to do this weekend, go here.