Leading Off (5/18/12)

Where Not To Hide Your Crack Cocaine. There are many places you should not hide your crack cocaine. Like, Bobby Brown’s beer fridge. Or in the bottom of a tub of pistachio pudding, for obvious reasons. But the worst place of all? On your living room table, so that your kid takes it to school. I’m allegedly lookin’ at you, Joshua Ruiz.

Whooping Cough Cases on the Rise in Texas. For a time, vaccines all but eradicated the instances of pertussis to a handful. Now, as with Washington and California, Texas is reporting an uptick in whooping cough cases. The statewide figures so far this year include the death of a Dallas infant.

Dial 9-1-1 for Taxi. In Fort Worth, instead of sending ambulances for minor medical issues, 9-1-1 callers have the option of having a taxi dispatched to take them to the hospital instead. But will people take them up on that? I mean, if you can take a cab to the hospital, wouldn’t you just call a cab?

Protest-sparking Kwik Stop Robbery Video Available. Remember when the Kwik Stop on Martin Luther King Boulevard was robbed, and the clerk shot the would-be robber? And remember the protests that incited? Well, the video of that night is available now.

Orsini Out as SMU AD. He may have brought June Jones on board, and (eventually) Larry Brown, but SMU Athletic Director Steve Orsini was given his walking papers yesterday by school president R. Gerald Turner.


  • John M

    I live on McKinney Ave and during the winter weather Superbowl disaster there were DPD officers using their police cars as taxis, it was so odd.

  • dk

    My pops is a fire captain in FL, more than a third of his EMT calls are for people with bags packed who can’t afford to get to the hospital. They know exactly what to say to the 911 operator to get a free ride. I’m sure it is much cheaper for the city to send a cab. I bet the number isn’t as high here in TX, but if it frees up resources and saves money I’m for it.

  • downtown_worker

    Re: Cab to the hospital… of course they would use that option if it’s cheaper than an ambulance. Even if 1 out of every 50 used it, it would be worth it. As for people calling a cab instead, who has time to look up the number of a cab company when you got bronchitis?

  • Rodknee

    If you’re a cab driver who gets dispatched to take someone to the hospital, and that passenger sounds like they have whopping cough, or a contagious ailment like the flu, can you opt out?

  • mynameisbill

    I usually store my crack in one of those Flintstones chewable daily vitamin bottles. Of course, if you have children that’s probably not a good stash spot.