7-Eleven Takes Manhattan

A co-working FrontBurnervian points out that New York Magazine has a story about Dallas-based 7-Eleven’s hopes of making greater inroads in Manhattan. Not having been to New York in many years myself, I was surprised to learn the convenience store chain isn’t already there in a big way. They’re currently making deals with mom-and-pop corner bodegas to get them to convert into 7-Eleven franchisees.

The company’s big advantage in this effort may be its proprietary Retail Information System:

The RIS, as it’s lovingly called, is operated via a device that looks like a massive PalmPilot, a large tablet computer with a stylus. If you have five Buffalo-style pasta salads on Monday night and aren’t sure whether to reorder, it’ll tell you, for example, how many Buffalo pasta salads typically sell in your area on warm Tuesdays.