Things To Do In Dallas Tonight: April 24

There are only a few things I love more than television. Maybe this is sad. But it’s also a true fact. Another true fact is that I don’t actually watch Modern Family on any sort of regular basis. I hear good things, obviously, from everyone and his or her mom and also every Emmy broadcast from the last two years. I also really enjoyed that New York Magazine supercut of Sofia Vergara yelling.

The fact that I haven’t watched the show religiously doesn’t mean that I wouldn’t enjoy hanging out with the cast and creators and talking shop for awhile. You can sort of do this tonight at the Winspear, with the Modern Family panel that the Brinker International Forum has lined up. Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Ty Burrell, and Eric Stonestreet, members of the show’s Emmy-winning cast, will participate in a discussion about what makes their show such a hit. Co-creator and executive producer Steve Levitan will chime in, and the audience will get a chance to submit questions for the Q&A portion of the program at the end of the night. Sounds excellent. But sadly, it does not appear that the food trucks are planning to stick around the Arts District beyond lunch. Eat elsewhere before (it’s probably already too warm for my quick, close by favorite, Mai’s), or try your luck at a place in One Arts.

The last time I was in the general vicinity of Dada in Deep Ellum, some friends and I witnessed a drunken loon get laid out by a bouncer. An explanation quickly circulated–the guy was causing trouble inside, so the bouncer dragged him outside, and put him to sleep. With his fist. Moral of this story: do not cause trouble here. People just want to listen to some music, okay, and tonight Sucré (a three person endeavor with instrumentalist Jeremy Larson, Stacy King from Eisley, and Darren King of MuteMath) celebrates their recent CD release and plays a set. The band has been featured on Hello Giggles and the middle guy’s dandified get up in their press photo reminds me of someone I used to know (Gotye has ruined this phrase forever). I’m not sure if these are good or bad associations, but if you like the group, tickets are a supremely reasonable $8.

For more to do this evening, go here.


  • Zorro

    I really only care about the modern family deal if sofia vergara is there. Although if she was, I would probably propose…

  • Bob

    You mean that two gay men and a doofus straight guy don’t turn you on? What kind of a pervert are you?