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Dallas Must-Do List

Today’s Your Last Chance to Welcome Home the Troops at DFW Airport

By Jason Heid |

Welcome-Home-HeroesLast April we compiled a list of the Things Every Dallasite Must Do.  Among those was greeting our military troops at DFW Airport.

Channel 8 reports that this morning may be your last chance to check this item off your personal must-do list. The Army’s program to welcome home those returning for R&R is being moved to Atlanta.  In fact, the last flight scheduled at DFW that’s part of this program will land by 10:30 a.m. today.

So if you race over there right now, you might be able to wave hello to a soldier. Otherwise, to complete our list you may just have to wander DFW terminals all by yourself, hoping to happen upon someone getting off a flight while wearing fatigues.