What Happens When/If it Rains on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge Party?

The big al fresco party for the opening of the Large Marge is next Friday. I am most definitely looking forward to getting Champagne drunk and dancing with Jim Schutze to the musical stylings of Lyle Lovett. Hang on, though. The 10-day forecast calls for rain. That right there, that could be a problem. I asked the PR rep for the organizers what the contingency plan was. The response: “Should it rain, we have a plan.”

I’m reading between the lines here, but here’s what I think that means: in the eventuality of inclement weather, the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge party will be moved under the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Should the river rise too high, everyone will be issued a personal floatation device and a canoe decorated by Todd Fiscus. Gonna be a night to remember.


  • downtown_worker

    The forecast says 0% precip on Saturday, so Friday might be a mess. However, I’m sure that something costing $200 a ticket includes a nice tent and heat lamps.

  • Help

    Rain plan is Gilley’s

  • SDM

    This DBJ article says the bridge opening is now Mar 29th (vs Mar 5th). Not sure if they are postponing all of next weekend’s festivities:


  • CollinBabs

    What about a nice Cristo-like tarp over the whole thing?