10 Most Beautiful: Don’t Forget to Vote Over the Weekend

It may be Labor Day weekend, but you’re not off the hook. These women need your votes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, too, and you’ve got to provide them. Check out Dawn Tongish; serious reporter, serious athlete. Emitt Smith’s wife, Pat, is there, too, talking about her charity, Treasure You. Salon Lucien owner Mary Crosland is also available for your viewing pleasure. How about interior designer and hot momma, Tiffany McKinzie? We’ve got Julie Schults, model mom and jewelry designer, over there, too. Get to it. Don’t forget to hop online Monday and check out the Week 4 contestants.


  • J bennett

    Just thinkin’ WHY do we even vote for the most Beautiful women anyway?Why do women only get type cast for their superficial exteriors in the year 2011?It’s like judging “horseflesh” and just demeaning..does anyone else get this but Me???

  • Daniel

    It’s not just their superficial exteriors, J bennett. (I mean, va-va-voom!) You have obviously failed to notice that most of these women love expensive vacations and have, over the course of their lives, done very little that would bring harm to kittens. Good taste in low-cut dresses rounds out the package for these Renaissance women.

  • J bennett

    It just never ceases to amaze me how absolutely superficial this all is and did I fail to notice their obsession with anything that impresses some perhaps rich young/or older/man…the cleavage will always get them…and vacations,bigger homes and on and on…and what do they DO to make their time on this planet in ANY way better for anyone else unless it is some charity to get their name in lights or in the media..AMAZINGLY superficial but that’s just me being naiive and shocked and dismayed by the perpetuation of this.

  • sign of the times

    “I’m too pretty to do homework, so my brother has to do it for me”


  • JR

    Vote for Pedro

  • Daniel

    J bennett, Take 1: It is so demeaning to these women to parade them in a contest celebrating superfical beauty. It’s 2011 — have we not yet learned to respect women’s dignity? These are not horses, these are human beings.

    J bennett, Take 2: These primped-up little hussies are a waste of the air they breathe. All they do is stand around charity events looking pretty, like sluts. The only thing they’re good for is snagging rich men. They’re a life-support system for cleavage, is all they are.

  • meddling moderate

    It may be somewhat superfical, but Dallas is known for its beautiful women and nobody forced these ladies to enter. If you don’t like it, skip the posts. Jeez…

  • These women aren’t “hussies,” nor do they all own expensive vacation homes. Because I’ve interviewed these women and had the opportunity to get to know them, I can tell you each and every one of them has worked her tail off to get where she is. It’s not easy being a successful mom, a business owner, a professional singer, a reporter who has the privilege to interview serial killers on death row, philanthropist who has raised MILLIONS for Dallas charities, attorney who spends every waking minute thinking about work, or a dog rescuer, who takes skinned puppies into her home and nurses them back to health with her bare hands. These are hardworking women who have a LOT of people in their lives who love them, respect them, and admire them enough to both nominate them for this honor AND vote for them. They just happen to be beautiful, too.

    Something tells me, Daniel and J benett, that neither of you could hold down the fort for a DAY in these women’s shoes.

    This isn’t JUST about superficiality. It’s also an opportunity for these ladies to get to have a little fun, meet other women, get recognized for the effort they put into everything they do (including their looks), and maybe, just maybe, get to pose in a beautifully produced photo shoot for the December issue of D Magazine. The women in this competition aren’t crying about this? Why are you two?

  • Daniel

    Wow, every waking minute? She needs to learn how to smell the frickin’ roses, man. Mac Davis said it.

    Anyway, about holding down the fort. I’d be willing to do it, with certain provisos: 1) Can I help myself to the stuff in the fridge? I’ll buy my own alcohol of course, I mean that’s like a cardinal rule of civilization or something. 2) What satellite TV package does she have? 3) Can I have a little get-together on Sunday? Just a few friends, plus also Andy’s sister who’s visiting from L.A. and is licensed to grow medical marijuana and she said she’d bring some even though Andy told her like, “be careful,” you know. Which after what happened to me I was like, “Just tell her not to take I-10.” Seriously!

  • Raya Ramsey

    Okay. Lots of waking minutes. :/