Most Eligible Dallas: Starring Potential “Most Beautiful Women in Dallas”

medCheck Episode 1 of Dallas’ new reality show, Most Eligible Dallas, to see last year’s 10 Most Beautiful contestant, Kat Reilly. (She’s part of the blondetourage that Courtney, uh, loved having around at Teddy’s Room.) Check out all the episodes to see this year’s 10 Most Beautiful contestant, Tara Harper. We’ve also got curly girl Morgana, sleek and sultry Susan, sweet and silly Purvi, and hotrod Hollie. Take a look-see and vote for your favorite. Don’t forget you can vote once a day every day.


  • Jon Davis

    Wow, Most eligible Dallas makes Dallas look worse than it is. Where did you find these people? Shallow and fake is all I can say.

  • stephen

    What happened to Laura’s reviews of the show?