• I happen to be wearing a J. Hilburn shirt today (that I paid for, if you must know). They do solid work for a reasonable price. Recommended.

  • Avid Reader

    Also wearing one and like their shirts and prices. Recommended as well, but I would also recommend to J. Hilburn that they change their button supplier as multiple buttons on all 5 of their shirts I own have cracked after less than 3 months.

  • smithdew

    Great shirts if you spend the extra $20 for the 2-ply cotton. I worked at Neimans for a couple years and I prefer my J. Hilburns to the MTM Ike Behars I picked up at Neimans.

    For the first and, hopefully, last time, I have to agree with Tim. Well, other than the DISD scandal, but that was just plain silly.

  • Julie

    Where’s the custom dress site for the ladies? Not all of us are built like an Asian teenaged boy, which is what most clothing in stores is designed for.