Zac and Tim’s Plan to Save the Cowboys’ Season

It’s simple, really. And it’s brilliant: Jerry Jones should fire Wade Phillips and Jason Garrett today. Then he should coach the team himself. We’re not kidding. Listen, no coach would take this team mid-season. Besides which fact, Jerry doesn’t want to hire an expensive coach because there likely won’t be football next season, and he doesn’t want to waste the money. So he should do it himself. The team isn’t going to perform worse, right? And the move would be the talk of the NFL for the remainder of the season. I mean, what if Jerry stepped in — all dudded up in NFL gear on the sidelines, wearing the headset — and actually won a game? Can you imagine the media tsunami that would create? People would tune in to watch that. They’d buy tickets.

Jerry, please. It’s time.


  • That could only be pulled off by Cuban, but splendabolous idea.

  • DLP

    I’d like to see it.
    Good thinking boys.

  • Robb

    If the team needs a facelift, who better to give it to them than Jerry Jones?

  • Blake

    I’m almost certain that the NFL prohibits owners from being coaches.

  • Mitch

    Well, it can’t be any worse than it is now. At least there would be some entertainment value with this plan.

  • meddling moderate

    The owner/gm that crowed that his team had the capacity to go to the Super Bowl and basically stood pat in the offseason on player moves?

    The owner/gm that is primary problem with the lack of discipline, chain of command, accountability and player/coach evaluation?

    The owner/gm that can barely cobble together a coherent thought and wouldn’t be considered or hired to any position on any NFL staff other than the one he owns?

    You now want that owner/gm to coach this train wreck he created?

    Do you also like to roll the handicapped into oncoming traffic?

  • D

    Brilliant! (spoken like the Guiness commercial)

  • @meddling moderate: See what Mitch said.

  • Chris Chris

    Great idea but if Jerry can’t do it because of a technicality, how about Rowdy, err..I mean Jerry Jones, Jr.?

  • PT

    I would think that a weekly Madden 2011 tournament, in which fans play as the Cowboys vs. that week’s opponent to see who can lose by the smallest margin (or Win?!?), should be used to elect a head coach for each game. Leave the rest of the coaching staff in place, and allow one lucky eleven year old to call the plays. If that kid has a life-threatening illness, all the better from a PR perspective.

  • Mike Engleman

    Been saying it for two or three years. Let him stand on the sidelines with no one else to blame but himself. Then maybe he’d hire a real GM who could attract a real coach and Jerry could sit back and count jocks and socks. Just sayin’