George Will Eschews Steroids, Entitlements, Optimism

As I gobbled down my free lunch today, I enjoyed hearing columnist, author and commentator George Will condemn the notions of entitlement, the current stimulus plan and looking on the bright side of things.
“Pessimism has its pleasures,” George Will told the crowd attending today’s National Center for Policy Analysis lecture series at the Grand Hall in Union Station in Dallas. While the accoustics were so bad I could hear about 70% of what Will said, I gather he generally disdains government, liberals and government. For more details of what Will said, go ahead and jump.

Will was in prime form today, scatter shooting about everything from ‘roids to The Great Depression:
— To kick off his discussion, Will said he was instructed by the fire marshal to tell the crowd that in the event of a fire, the crowd should stay seated and await a federal bailout.
— When a member of the crowd asked Will, an avid baseball buff, to speak about the newest admission of steroid use by former Texas Ranger Alex Rodriguez, he launched the following quote:
“The Texas Rangers clubhouse was one of the worst of all,” said Will. He said a combination of shame and fines outweighing benefits would be helpful in ending the use of steroids in Major League Baseball.
— President Barack Obama’s stimulus plan repeats the errors of FDR’s New Deal. World War II effectively ended the Great Depression, he said.
— The previous attempt to bail out the economy was also botched, including saving GMAC, which is now offering five-year, 0% car loans to people who probably can’t afford them: “This is the American dream: You can drive away from your foreclosed home in a subprime car,” Will said.
— The entitlement mentality – that everyone should own a home, have a car, not fail in business etc. – is leading the country to its problems.
— If health care problems triggered by risky behavior (such as a lack of exercise that can bring about Type 2 diabetes) were taken out of the equation, there would be no health-care crisis.
— “Pessimism has its pleasures,” confessed Will, adding that most often, pessimists are right, and when they’re not, they’re pleasantly surprised. Will said that most Americans remain resilient, while  skeptical of Washington’s claims that it will improve their lives.


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13 responses to “George Will Eschews Steroids, Entitlements, Optimism”

  1. Investor says:

    There was a time I had more respect for what George Will said. That changed about 3 months ago. It was then that I came to the conclusion that Will was out of touch with the common American. He stated on the Sunday morning round table that Americans are in a better place now then they were 8 years ago. The entitlement mentality and optimism is the reason why America is still the greatest country on earth. I do believe it’s the banks and car dealers job to make sure they loan people money who will be able to pay it back. They’re the institution who make the decision of whether one can own a house or car not the consumer. Maybe this bailout should not happen. Maybe enough jobs will be lost that Mr. Will could lose his job. I guess he will change his opinion then. That’s how opinion makers make their money. Make an opinion and if it turns out wrong, they change it and hope you forget their original opinion.

  2. “out of touch with the common American…”

    Go walk through the mall on a Saturday and tell me how that’s a bad thing.

  3. KRM says:

    In a free market, it is the “banks and car dealers job to make sure they loan people money who will be able to pay it back”. However, in a market disrupted by federal social engineering, the government revises this job into simply making as many loans to people as you can.

  4. NeitherParty says:

    The nerve of the guy…..
    Where is the symbolic gesture that accomplishes nothing, but makes you feel good all over?

  5. Investor says:

    I guess after 911 when Bush asked the car mfg makers to help re-start the country’s economy(0% financing) that act wasn’t federal social engineering. I guess when the rich people get tax dollars(Jerry Jones’ Stadium) that’s not considered socialism. I hate to tell you this, but sometimes feeling good all over gets your economy restarted. There hasn’t been a free market in this country for a very long time.

  6. Bill Marvel says:

    You don’t have to be a “common American” — whatever that is. But for someone who thinks of himself as a pundit to be out of touch with common Americans, well, that’s just lame.
    Will occasionally has a good clear thought. And he always writes well. But often he sounds like a man whose money has insulated him from unpleasant realities so long that he no longer recognizes them when he sees them.

  7. Gwyon says:

    Entitlement mentality. Does that include all the executives who made a fortune by banking illusory profits?

  8. Dallas Alice says:

    Here’s an example of how one man’s “entitlement mentality” is another man’s free-market “bonus”:

  9. Farinata X says:

    George Will would have been right at home in the Versailles of the 1780’s. Just another worn-out Village hack.

  10. Gwyon says:

    By the way, the usage of “eschews” in the headline is jarring. We can see by his physique that Will eschews steroids. Did you mean “abhors,” “despises,” “loathes”?

  11. The Universe says:

    Does George Will do anything other than eschew? Doesn’t he eschew for a living?

  12. Ms. Grammar says:

    Eschew means to “shun or avoid,” although I’ve always thought that eschew sounded like someone sneezing and should be followed with “Gesundheit!”

  13. Buddy says:

    Trey I had already written that line in my mind. Guess I’ll have to be faster!