Where Does Tony Romo Live?

I used to know all kinds of trivia like this but my brain doesn’t absorb much of it anymore. So, for all you bright-eyed bushy tailed FrontBurnervians, I ask this reader’s question:

I believe I have seen Tony Romo jogging in HP a couple of times over the last several weeks. Since you seem to know a lot about everything, including athletes, I am wondering if you know if Tony lives in the Park Cities. His address is listed at a house close to the Cowboys practice facility in Irving, but the house is owned by an older couple and I am guessing he isn’t renting.

Me? Clueless. I could speculate but I don’t want to swim into Timmy’s water. (Gross.)


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19 responses to “Where Does Tony Romo Live?”

  1. SB says:

    He used to live in a condo over by the Galleria with his best friend from high school, who used to be a teacher in Plano.

  2. Snappy says:

    I’ve always imagined he lived in a lighthouse….

  3. jerrod says:

    he’s currently locked in my basement.

  4. Gravypan says:

    Amazingly, I’ve never cared.

  5. MushMouth says:

    Stalk much?

  6. I had heard something from a Realtor about a house he rented in Bluffview, but it was way too many stories ago for me to recall. I’ll ask the Realtor nation on Dallas Dirt — so tune in!

  7. SB says:

    It’s not hard to figure out when your wife teaches at the same school as the dude who lives with Tony Romo.

  8. SoooDallas says:

    When he was spotted at the galleria a few weeks ago it was because the fire alarm in his nearby condo had gone off so he was killing time…with J Simps.

  9. Shorty says:

    What the hell? He should be at Valley Ranch practicing. What’s he doing living in a house not at Valley Ranch. That’s it…we’re going 0-16.

  10. Bethany says:

    Shorty, I don’t know about the olden days, but here in the present, we have these cars that can go fast on these roads called highways that will take you to Valley Ranch in about 20 to 30 minutes, give or take for traffic.

  11. He does not live in Highland Park and prob on the days you have seen him jogging he was really in Australia with J.Simp…but call me if you do see him again, cherokeemichaels.com

  12. Spamboy says:

    I am 100% sure he lives somewhere between Jessica Simpson’s breasts.

  13. harrison says:

    I know I do….

  14. Philip says:

    I’ve heard he lives in a crystalline fortress of solitude somewhere near the north pole.

  15. warden62 says:

    Why don’t you just search the Dallas County Appraisal District? You can search by name.

  16. warden62 says:

    Nevermind. How silly of me.

  17. DC says:

    found this on the webstie you mentioned above by searching the last name Romo. His real name is Antonio R. Romo


  18. Nottrue says:

    The DCAD, can be incorrect. You can ask them to put in fake addresses and fake cost for homes if it is a risk to your safety for people to know where you live. With Tony Romo, I’m pretty sure that that could be considered a safety risk…

  19. BillBrotski says:

    It’s true. He is a member of the Four Seasons and lives in Cottonwood Valley.