FrontBurner Madness Update

Hats off to the basketball genius known as Sweaty Stuff, who has sole possession of first place in the FrontBurner pool (winner gets a $200 gift certificate at Texas de Brazil). So far, in the East, West, and South regions, Sweaty Stuff has only gotten one game wrong in each. That’s a shining moment. In last place, at No. 157, you’ll still find the biggest loosers. [shaking head slowly] By the way, Eric Celeste Has No Shot (aka me) sits tied for No. 31, while Tim Rogers Has No Hair (aka Eric) is tied for No. 117. IJS. Here is your leader board:

1. Sweaty Stuff
2. heelSpurs
2. Old East Dallas
4. Crackbabies 4
5. Show me your hoops
5. DTF
5. Where’s Greggo?
5. Deep Throating Sandies
5. Proudness
10. Shut Up Dick Vitale
10. Liberally Lean
10. Skillman Street Rats


  • I’m like the UNT of brackets — although I am No. 154, at least I’m not No. 157!