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31 responses to “Cowboys Lose”

  1. DLP says:

    [gunshot] LOL!

  2. MushMouth says:

    It helps when you abandon your running game. Pitiful display by the offensive line and Romo was in full on panic mood. Whatever happened to that cool under pressure?

    Hope Romo enjoys motorboating Mr. Ed’s sister during the off season.

  3. houston says:

    Romo wants some more of Jessica
    there is no joy in Mudville, mighty Casey has struck out. . .
    Take that Jerry. A good coach would have the team with a respectful fear of him. ummh, where is Jimmy Johnson?????

  4. Missed it. Was doing stairs.

  5. Brian says:

    Hey, i thought it would be cool if they one 5 games this year. It was fun. we are lucky, we coulda been Miami.
    Romo, if the Jessica thing caused a lapse, its only because it was made into something by the press. If the last Dallas Play had been a catch, he would be a hero… then a dog when New England beat us in the Super Bowl.
    To me the folks to be blamed for not paying attention and stepping up are the folks who are up for head coaching jobs on other teams. ijs.

  6. PuddinTane says:

    “Mr. Ed’s sister”

    Awwwww, come on now! Mr Ed. had a higher IQ than that!!!!

  7. Missy says:

    Come on guys, suck it up. Lest we forget Tony Romo is in his first full season as a starting quarterback? How many quarterbacks have ever won a Super Bowl in their first sesason? Were we really expecting that? Be patient. If this season is a taste of what’s to come I’m willing to hold out. Give him a little more practice under pressure and big games and we’ll get there. Plus you can’t be a successful quarterback (ie Brady) without consistent teammates to help you out. Tony definitely didn’t have that tonight.

    But even still, I almost shed a tear. Tony, I’ll still watch next season.

  8. NY's Step Brother says:

    Yeah we play in Jersey but we’re still the NY Giants. When you think about the two cities, Dallas is like NY’s little brother that never quite measures up.

    Don’t agree? Then stop sending your “fashion” people to the NYC fashion week.

    Jessica had nothing to do with it but Romo is still going to be the reason in your eyes. How many playoff games has Tony ever won? He was playing poorly for the last few games of the regular season. He’s not experienced enough to just turn it on. Oh, no wonder Buffalo canned Wade back in the day. He can’t win in the playoffs either. Oh, who was your coach before that? Parcels? Another NY transplant but he actually won while in NY, but same can’t be said for Wade.

    Enjoy it Dallas. NY will always be your not-so-secret crush.

  9. MIssing Dots says:

    Is the Plowboys loss somehow tied to Wick not disclosing his two residences?

  10. Jody says:


    The overall playoff record of number one seeds in the NFC. Until today.

    Make that 17-1.

    Thanks to the Dallas Cowboys.

    A team that simply had to win two home games against teams they had beaten before to reach Arizona.

    Not this year. Not this way.

    They sure had me fooled. I picked the home team to win 31-24. I knew that while they’d averaged 30 points a game in December, they’d averaged barely 15 in December. Their confidence lulled me to sleep. Their confidence was misplaced. So was mine. It turns out you can’t just turn it on and off after all.

    Blame? Oh, you could cite a dozen different things. Poor clock management. Untimely, frequent penalties. Poor offensive line play. Lousy tackling. Bad hands.

    Specifically, when it comes to players? Roy Williams is a fraud. Patrick Creighton needs to concentrate on running routes instead of his mouth. Gurode needs to snap line drives, not moonshots. And yes, Tony Nomo needs to learn that his approach sets the tone for the entire team. Trips to Mexico with starlets may not hamper focus, but they send a powerful message during what should be a time of intense preparation. If he can relax, then maybe everyone else can too. Alot of people said it didn’t matter. But two people with seven Super Bowl ring between them – Troy Aikman and Terry Bradshaw – say it does.

    Maybe that’s the insight that maturity brings.

    December clearly indicated relaxation was not what this team needed. It was evident last year, and the “swoon” showed up again this year. And we all thought it wouldn’t matter. It did.

    Now, the good news. This was necessary.

    No team – no individual – can become a champion until the idea of losing becomes hateful. Until the taste of losing is so bitter that it becomes utterly nauseating. Until the memory of failure outsizes any sacrifice imperative for winning.

    Even if it means giving up a weekend with Jessica. A distraction is anything that dilutes the mission.

    But learning the hard way is usually the only way.

    Wanna know when the Cowboys of Landry became champions? It started when Jim O’Brien’s field goal caused Bob Lilly to throw his helmet 60 yards in the air over the heads of the Baltimore Colts. Wanna know when Jimmy Johnson and Barry Switzer’s Cowboys became champions? It began in 1989, with 1-15.

    They say the game is 90% mental. True. And 90% of winning is an extreme disgust at losing.

    No one here should lose their job (except maybe Roy Williams, who is clearly a liability). Phillips and Garrett did wonders this season. Nomo had a wonderful autumn. So did the offensive line. Maybe Barber should only come in later when his explosiveness brings energy and freshness – rather than playing early where his style may burn him out too early. 13-3 is a great year. But I promise – none of the players in that lockeroom Sunday night are thinking about that. Not honestly. Not in their gut. And if they are content with 13-3, they won’t be players long – and they will never be champions. Sadly we live in a world in which everyone thinks you get a trophy at CiCi’s Pizza just for showing up. But Halls of Fame and winner’s circles are occupied by people who do more than that.

    A good friend of mine says it’s not how you act when you’re on top that makes you special. It’s how you act when your face is in the dirt.

    Tonight, Terrell Owens may have said it best. He talked about “his” quarterback. His “teammates”. With tears, concealed behind dark glasses. Say what you will about Owens, but he might as well have heaved his helmet 60 yards.

    And if next year’s Cowboys go where this team couldn’t, the trip began tonight.

    In the meantime, they are now free to travel wherever they wish.

    Although I’m quite sure there is only one trip on their collective mind.

    Raymond James Stadium. Tampa, Florida. February 1, 2009.

  11. RLS says:

    Wow. Jody: I sure hope that you’re a sportswriter as I don’t think that I’ve ever seen anyone pour their heart into such a comment on someone’s blog previously.

  12. Dave Thomas says:

    Jody, you are right on target. This talk about firing Wade is nuts. I’ll say that the trip to Cabo for Romo and Witten had nothing to do with this loss, but it did send the wrong message to other players, fans and the media. Anyone who thinks T.O. doesn’t care about anyone but himself need only look at his tearful remarks after the game today to see that’s not the case.

    This team lost because it did not play well late in the season. You can’t “turn it on” as some said. This team lost because it could not run the ball late in the season. The team figured out how to run in the first half of this game but forgot how to do it in the last half of the game. A great quarterback who had been rarely sacked or hurried all season found himself running for his life for much of this game. A defense that was pretty good for much of the year couldn’t keep the Giants from going 70 yards in 40 second to end the half.

    It was clear to me from the end of November or start of December that this was going to happen. The Giants were on a roll and almost beat the Patriots at the end of the season. The Cowboys were maxing and relaxing watching the games go by, beating a hapless Panthers team and barely edging a Lions team that was on a horrible losing streak – while losing to the Eagles and Redskins. It was just obvious they thought they had made it and figured they could just take it easy and beat the Giants. No matter how many times you see teams do this, it’s always a surprise to watch another team make all the same mistakes.

    The Cowboys have learned the hard way, they just shouldn’t have had to. Maybe this will make them better next year and ready to win a playoff game for the first time in a dozen years. Frankly, to compare teams a bit, I think you’re going to see the Mavs go a lot farther this year in the playoffs than many people might think. They did learn a lesson last year, but shouldn’t have had to.

    Dallas sports teams are really good right now, but their playoff runs leave a lot to be desired. Hopefully they’re all learning from this and will come out much better in the next couple of seasons.

  13. Steve Buechele's Ghost says:

    uhhhh, pitchers and catchers report in a month and if you think you have seen the bottom of Dallas’ sports barrel, wait until you see the stunningly putrid 2008 Texas Rangers.

    But at least they won’t fool you and sometimes the hot dogs are only $1.

  14. Bethany says:

    We had this huge project at work going for the past two months. Nobody got to take vacation. It was pretty much an unspoken rule – but I’m pretty sure that if you’d put in for one, it would’ve been denied anyway.

    Why? Because our group was in the middle of a lot of work, and it was all hands on deck.

    The Cowboys had one job to do this year – make it to the Super Bowl. You don’t go take Mexican vacations in the middle of a project, not when there’s plenty of time AFTER. IJS

    Clearly, there were plenty of things to work on during that bye week.

  15. Todd Carruth says:

    I almost fell of the couch when Troy said that Patrick Crayton had the best hands on the team. Ummmm, how about NO? Dropped passes and fumbled returns make the cowboy faithful sad.

  16. Biff Biffster says:

    I want Hogeboom back. Now.

  17. Gwyon says:


    They lost because of penalties.

  18. AJ says:

    Jody, I stopped reading your comments after 17-0. Jeezus, get a hold of yourself.

    Bethany, you’re right. Romo should stay home and walk film, film and more film. Worked great for Peyton Manning yesterday. Think he wants a do-over on watching 29.6 hours of film to be in the same position?

  19. AJ says:

    walk = watch

  20. Bethany says:

    But it’s not just about Tony’s throws.

    Clearly, Crayton could’ve worked on CATCHING Tony’s throws. IJS

  21. Missy says:

    I agree with Dave 100%. And Bethany, chill on the IJS. It’s a little overkill.


  22. Nate says:

    Take out the penalties and the Simpson stories…why did they keep calling the same play on the last drive? Wouldn’t it have been more effective to work the lines? Short dump passes to Barber or Witten at 5-6 yards a piece would have gotten them back to a 1st down situation. Maybe Garrett wanted Romo to look like a hero. He should have made the wise decision to call an effective play.

    By the way, Crayton needs fly paper or something on his hands. It worked for Clifford Franklin.

  23. Daniel says:

    They showed a canned interview with Wade before the game. Wade pointed out that if the boys lost, they still had a 13-3 season to be proud of.

    Are these the words of a champion, people? Already making excuses for losing before the game’s even started. Not sure I like the cut of his jib.

  24. cassano says:

    Please not another word about romo and his trip. The dude could have gone to effing monte carlo for all i care. Any fan with a bit of sense would know better than to pay attention to that. Saying crap like going to mexico set the tone for his teammates to play like crap is utter stupidity. Romo is one of the last people i would blame for this loss. Romo is a qb, who actually played decent yesterday. Romo is not a wr, he doesnt catch his own passes, he isnt patick f*%k*%g Crayton who felt the need to do a TO impression on the day and drop his fair share of important passes. Romo is not an o-lineman, he didnt block the giants front 4, that wasnt his job, he didnt make the mental mistakes of Flo, leonard, colombo and every opposing qbs fav. CB, Jacque Reeves. Romo is not Jacque, Jacque lost it for the team on the last drive of the 1st half, but i could blame wade for cutting Glen and for not signing nor drafting a suitable CB cos Jacque should never have made the team.
    I could blame Jason Garrett after all he calls the plays not Tromo.

    Everything Dave wrote was on point. The rest of the stuff like crap about going to mexico is all garbage.

    Wade is still a confused old man and the offseason should be interesting.

    How crazy would it be if somehow Norv and his chargers upset the pats and went to the super bowl? Ah no way but that was a fun thought.

  25. cassano says:

    Oh and Dallas is now officially Choke City.

  26. Sean says:

    Last year, they lost the wild card with a chance to win. This year, they lost int he divisional round with a chance to win. Next year they can lose the NFC championship with a chance to win, then it’s on to the Super Bowl!

    How many playoff games did Peyton Manning lose before he got his first playoff victory?

    Thank you Tony and the gang for everything. Looking forward to next year.

  27. C.V. says:

    The team that Jerry built has now tied the NFL record for most consecutive playoff losses. This is no accident.

  28. Bill Belechick says:

    Folks get a clue. Momentum is what you want entering the playoffs. Your team was playing great in October and November and stumbled badly down the stretch. Why do you think I played my starters all the way through 16 games and kept them focused and driven. Your qb is talented but acts like he already has multiple skins on the wall (mine actually does). BTW, Giselle scoreboards Jessica anyday. Enjoy watching us kill the Packers in a couple of weeks, go get yourself a new safety and cornerback in the off-season and we will see you in Tampa in 2009.

  29. Bill says:

    If Coors had any balls, they would make a new commercial from this:

    Pretty sure they should.

  30. Rawlins says:

    Dean’s post answers December’s (non-burning-Bush) apres NorthPark (theft-of-Jodie’s-truck) question: Why does he keep his family Bible in his truck glove compartment. Shall we pray?

  31. Jody says:

    I don’t keep it in the glove compartment. I keep in on the passenger seat where I can see it when some joker cuts me off in traffic.