Photo by Melissa Mackaly

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The Localist: Gourmet Texas Pasta

Explore the pastabilities.

Gourmet Texas Pasta is a pasta company that encourages you to “explore the pastabilities.” And they definitely help you with that. The company offers more than 37 different varieties including Artichoke Heart Pasta, Lemon Pepper Linguine, Spicy Red Curry & Coconut Linguine, and even flavors like Cabernet Sauvignon and Chocolate Lasagne.

All of their pasta is vegan and made with real vegetables and herbs. They never use artificial colors or processed vegetables. Each variety is blended with 100% durum wheat or your can choose one of the seven gluten-free flavors. The idea behind Gourmet Texas Pasta is that most of the flavor is in the pasta so you don’t need a heavy sauce.

The recommended preparation is as follows: cook the pasta in salted boiling water for six to seven minutes, drain, then toss with olive oil, butter or both. You can top with grated cheese or add some meat or veggies.

I picked up my package of Roasted Garlic & Jalapeño Pasta at Patina Green Home and Market and have since ordered more flavors directly from Gourmet Texas Pasta’s online store. It is such an easy and tasty meal.

To learn more about the Gourmet Texas Pasta flavors and to see their tasty recipes visit their site here.