Photo by Melissa Mackaly.

The Localist: Basic Foodism Tangy Ginger Sauce

This small company based out of Garland specializes in all-natural sauces.

Basic Foodism is a small company based out of Garland that specializes in all-natural sauces. The business started with an original barbecue sauce, and shortly thereafter added some heat by creating the “Hotter Than 104” the “Hottest of the Hot Pepper Sauce,” and my favorite, Tangy Ginger. Ginger is one of my favorite flavors so having it in a product that doesn’t require any preparation on my part is great. There is also a slight kick from the addition of dehydrated wasabi.

The sauce is best used on chicken or pork but can be eaten with pretty much anything. Like with any barbecue sauce it is great for grilling. I prefer to pierce a few holes in the meat, marinate with the Tangy Ginger for a couple of hours and then take it straight to the grill.

Basic Foodism makes a wonderful product but they also hope to help others along the way. Between community involvement and sharing a portion of their proceeds, they stand behind their pledge of committing to help others.

All four Basic Foodism sauces are available online as well as at five locations in the Dallas area including Cox Farms Market and Urban Acres. To find out more about Basic Foodism visit their website.