Cascading Roses Wedding Cake by Celebrity Bakery could save your marriage.

Romano’s Bakery in Lakewood Closes and Leaves Brides Cakeless. Celebrity Cafe Offers to Save the Day

Romano's Bakery in Lakewood closed yesterday and left dozens of brides without wedding cakes.

Yesterday Robert Wilonsky reported on the sudden closure of Romano’s Bakery in Lakewood. Wilonsky writes the bakery “unexpectedly shut its doors this morning, leaving many couples cakeless days before their coupling.”

Let me tell you this: I sit next to the powerful brains behind D Weddings and I overhear many behind-the-scenes dramas that take place in the female-dog-eats-female-dog world of wedding planners. Brides are not easily pleased and it only takes one pearl to pop off their Princess gown to piss them off. I’d pay to listen to Romano’s Bakery voice mail. (Staging bakery closures makes a good synopsis for a reality TV show.)

Hark! Who is that riding into Word Press on a white stallion? It’s a press release from Celebrity Café and Bakery! Brides, weep no more. Listen:

Celebrity Café and Bakery wants to help these couples by honoring 50 percent (up to $250) of lost deposits from Romano’s toward a wedding cake from Celebrity. We’re in the midst of wedding season some of them may be scrambling to figure out what they’re going to do about their cake. These brides and grooms deserve the Celebrity treatment.

If you are one of a dozen or so brides who needs some wedding cake therapy today, read this list and check with Celebrity Café. Let us know how that works out.