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The Localist: Tribal Cold-Pressed Juices

Tribal offers a small line of juice blends ranging in flavors from pineapple cilantro to kale, celery, and cucumber.
By Stacy Markow |

The onset of a new year often leaves me feeling resolute. I reflect on the prior twelve months and often scour up resolutions to follow in hopes of improved wellness. One focus this year is to be more health conscious and develop an awareness of the foods I put into my body. One change I vowed to make was to moderate my taco, cheeseburger, and barbeque intake and replace it with vegetable juices and vegan fare.

In the name of health I’ve purchased a juicer and subjected myself to the culinary torture that are chia seeds. I’m never going to be happy eating something that texturally resembles mucus in a portable cup no matter how high in fiber it is.

One good-for-me change I’ve managed to particularly enjoy is cold-pressed juice. With juice bars sprouting up all over town there are options in most neighborhoods. While most of them are outposts of bigger chains, I found juices by Tribal, made right here in Dallas, for a hefty dose of nutrients after my occasional yoga class.

Their beet juice (known as Beats on their site) is unapologetically earthy, which is a quality I didn’t expect to enjoy in a beverage outside of a glass of wine. They use apples to provide sweetness, and some ginger to give it a spicy kick on the finish.

Tribal offers a small line of juice blends ranging in flavors from pineapple cilantro to kale, celery, and cucumber. They also combine these blends into packaged renewal cleanses spanning one to five days in length. You can purchase their entire juice line on their website at, or you can pick up a solo bottle at the Green Grocer in Dallas.

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