• Greg Brown

    Waiting on a flight back to Dallas from San Francisco has allowed me to reflect on the dining experiences we had in the Napa Valley over the last week. Bouchon, Morimoto and La Toque were real standouts. But let me also add that as interesting and innovative as they are, I can easily list a dozen places in Dallas that are as good or better. Dallas does not suffer from a lack of dining excellence, we suffer from a lack of acknowledgement of that excellence from both diners and media alike. The ill-defined and constantly moving target of “world class” this and that has obscured the fact that excellence is already here and thriving. So I do find it unfortunate that insecure chefs and outdated critics long to be someplace else where they are more appreciated. To that I say step up, find your place, and work along side the excellence that is around you. And to my fellow citizens–appreciate what you have here, keep demanding the best, and share your views on whatever forum so that others know how good we really are. Peace out.