Food Feedback Friday

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We'd love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly.

Did you get out to dine this week? Discover anything new and exciting or perchance have a dreadful dinner? We’d love to hear the good, bad, and the ugly. Last week you ate like good little piggies at Carbones, Ascension, Kalachandji’s, Chino Chinatown, Zoli’s NY Pizzeria, Royal, Society Bakery, 20 Feet, and Parigi.


  • bigjondaniel

    Crickets at El Come (and other good stuff). El Ranchito. Taco Spot, New Pecan Lodge. Slow Bone. Company Cafe. Ten Bells. Coffee at Method, Ascension, The Wild Detectives, MudSmith. Desert at Dude, Sweet and Glazed Donutworks

    • rvponders

      How was Method? Have been wondering if it’s worth skipping out on Ascension, Avoca or Davis Street to try it out. Re: Pecan Lodge, you are a BRAVE soul, is the line any better than last weekend?

  • Greg Brown

    Went to Knife Modern Steak Sunday night with a party of six. Overall very good service and execution. We all met up at the bar for excellent cocktails prepared by cheerful and engaged bartenders. For those who thought the Central 214 atmosphere was a little stark (I did not), Knife is a warm and cozy environment for diners and drinkers alike. Once seated we started off with a Bacon Tasting (!) and a well-appointed Charcuterie board. Salads of compressed watermelon and heirloom tomatoes were sublime & superb. And then on to the beef. The Niman Ranch Ribeye for two was delivered as a solid medium when ordered medium rare, but we decided to go with it as the meat was still quite tender & juicy. The Waygu-style Ribeye for two came out a very medium-well when ordered medium-rare. It was returned and the next steak was a perfect medium rare with that trademark unctuous, buttery taste. The kitchen did comp that steak without our asking, BTW. The tri-tip steak was cooked to a textbook medium rare and was the real value of the table. The Arctic Char was also flawlessly prepared and one of the best fish dishes I have tasted. Sides of cooked carrots & tempura avocado were flavorful & well executed. The wine list was very impressive for both its quality and value and the Sommelier’s recommendations for pairings were right on the mark. The pre-dessert, dessert and post-dessert were all delicious and a perfect ender to a great meal. In summary, a great place for drinks and food. Check it out!

  • oldfood guy

    MiCocina Preston Forest on Tuesday. Was surprised how much menu and service has changed. Everything fairly basic tex mex with lunch specials and service that was rushed. Server left check right after we had food served . Mr. Mesero on Wednesday and then remembered how MiCocina used to be. The service was over the top. The chips were thin and crisp and sauces were perfect. The #5 with Cheese enchilada and Brisket Taco was moist and very flavorful. Especially liked the red rice.

    • Greg Brown

      Mr. Mesero is awesome. I really want to try his other places but it is hard to stray from this one.

  • Dave L

    I can second Knife as a great place to go for food and drinks. Sunday was actually our second time going, because we had to come back to try the Pig Head, which was not available the first few days Knife was open. it did not disappoint and even comes with the eyeball! The Yellowtail, Charcuterie, Blood Sausage, Pork Jowl, and Avacado Fries were all amazing. A surprising item is the pea sorbet that comes with the pea shoot salad. It was very flavorful. The chocolate dessert and caramel pretzel dessert were both tasty as well. Service was excellent both times and the mai·tre d’ is a great guy to talk to. We will definitely be back because the menu has a lot of things we still want to try.

  • A. B.

    Mattito’s for dinner Saturday night. The new location is awesome–easy parking, great patio and interior. It’s fun to sit on the patio around 6:30 and watch wedding parties leave the church across the street. We’re loving the new location!

  • A. B.

    Also, CattleAck BBQ for lunch today. Their brisket does not disappoint!

  • twinwillow

    IMHO, Mr. Mesero is the definitive Mexican and Tex-Mex restaurant in Dallas at this time.

  • Primi Timpano

    Great pastor tacos at el come. Perhaps the best taqueria going.

    Strange experience at Yutaka. Ordered live scallops, specified females, and requested the roe be prepared. “No problem,” the waitress lied. The chef (Yutaka was not in the kitchen) showed me the scallops with roe, but no roe arrived. Waitress shrugged her shoulders. Yutaka came out for meets and greets. I explained the situation and he told me the staff did not know how to prepare the roe and next time I should specially request that he prepare it. Next time I’m going to Tei An.

    Enjoying CrushCraft, esp green curry with eggplant. The pickled serranos are addictive.

    Incredible porcini ‘s at Spicer’s 1410. The morels looked perfect, too.

  • MCB08

    We have needed to be out of the house each night this week, because of unusual circumstances so we tried to hit up a lot of our favorite places. So the reviews are all positive because each was great.

    Mon – Mr. Mesero. Excellent as always. Definitely the best tex-mex in Dallas in my opinion. We were pretty boring and got 1/2 orders of the queso and guac (both delicious as always). Wife got fish tacos and I got the #2 so I could indulge in the best tex-mex cheese enchilada I have ever had in Dallas.

    Tues — Neighborhood Services. Had amazing oysters from Duxbury, MA (some of the best we have had), their green chile and crab dip (one of our very favorites) and one of their fish specials, which was very good. One of our 5-7 favorite places in Dallas.

    Wed — Dough. App of the rolitino (sp?) was good but not great. Probably wouldn’t get it again. We had the pancetta pizza and loved it. I appreciate how they get the Dough to Cheese ratio pretty perfectly in that you get to enjoy the wonderful handmade mozz but yet the pizzas very rarely feel soggy.

    Thurs — Nonna. Had the lobster crostini which was very good but not great…had the gnudi which was awesome. Wife tried the fried turkey meatballs which were outstanding. I didn’t try her entree.

    Fri — Meddlesome Moth. Haven’t been here in ages and wouldn’t consider it a favorite, but we were very pleasantly surprised. Had the deviled eggs and bangers and mash which were good. The shrimp and grits were excellent and the duck wings were one of the best things I have had in a long time. It would be worth returning for just the wings, but the beer selection and other very yummy food make it a place I will frequent more often.

    • rvponders

      Very jealous of your Tuesday, Thursday and Friday…

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