The Fish in Oak Cliff is Closed

The Fish is closed (photo by Bradford Pearson)
The Fish is closed (photo by Bradford Pearson)

The Fish at 1001 W. Jefferson is (temporarily? permanently?) kaput. A loyal SideDisher (aka Bradford Pearson) took a photo of this sign from February 13 that says, “Friends, we are unable to reopen due to a maintenance issue. Please check our Facebook page for updates.”

We’ve tried locating this mysterious and invisible Facebook page, but we haven’t found anything after scouring the internet. The Fish is also not answering its phone.

Back in September, we wrote about the brunch menu at owner Christopher Stanford’s seafood restaurant, which opened early August 2013, but we’ve heard rumors of dissatisfied customers complaining about sticky floors and weird odors. Could The Fish have closed due to a health code violation? Is it closed forever? We’ll let y’all know as soon as we find out.


  • Greg Brown

    A restaurant that is closed by Code Compliance cannot be a good (or appetizing) thing.

  • Peter Kurilecz

    must be pretty bad maintenance issue since from their FB page it looks like they were closed down on 2/14

  • Andrew Plock

    Way to pull off the short-sleeve T-shirt mid-February, Brad.

  • Hal

    Nice rumor mongering. Journalism, give it a try.

  • BradfordPearson

    All day.

  • BradfordPearson

    Took a photo, called the restaurant, looked for updates on the Facebook page, read comments from other Facebook groups, read the note they left on the door. What more would you suggest, Hal?

  • Hal

    No, the speculation about how they came to close, or how long. Mentioning health code violations without checking. Damage to a restaurant may have been done. Taking a photo and posting is not the problem. What Carol said is a huge problem.

  • OakCliff TheFish

    The Fish on Jefferson BLVD was unable to make repairs to satisfy code compliance and would be dark on Valentines Day (urrgg!) while permits were obtained, etc, etc…

    We made the call to close up on Jefferson LVD as it was just simply not a good location, in addition to being a cranky old building that was not up to the standards we needed.

    Please see our FB page, The Fish Restaurant, for updates. Thank you for your interest!