January 20 – January 26 Food Truck News and Schedule for Dallas

Tutta's Pizza (from their Facebook page)
Tutta’s Pizza (from their Facebook page)

Food Truck Highlight of the Week: Tutta’s Pizza

Owners Amanda and Jeremy Scott launched Tutta’s Pizza in September 2012 focusing on “smoked meat pizzas” cooked onboard in “The Beast”.  Tuttas is the only truck that I know of that has it’s own built-in stabilizers (look closely at the picture and you’ll see the driver’s side front tire up off the ground).

Tutta’s adds brisket (The Texan), smoked chicken breast (The Hot Chick), or pulled pork (The Smokey Pig).  Standard cheese or pepperoni is available for the less-adventurous.  Price points are in the $8 to $10 range.

You can often find Tutta’s at The Truck Yard.

Here is your schedule for the week (apologies for the lateness).

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