January 13 Food Truck News and Schedule for Dallas


From Bellatrino's Facebook page
From BellaTrino’s Facebook page

Highlight Food Truck of the Week: BellaTrino’s Neapolitan Pizza Truck

Teresa Gubbins beat me to the BellaTrino Neapolitan Food Truck.  This build-out dwarfs any of the current Dallas food trucks.  Built-in bar, draft, fold-out TV, not to mention the wood-fired brick oven.

This is the first time that I’ve highlighted a truck that I haven’t been to yet.  If you’ve been, please comment.

Here’s your schedule:

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  • AmyS

    Would love to know what type of liquor/beer license they have that allows them to sell anywhere.

    • BellaTrinoDFW

      Hi Amy, we don’t have beer/liquor on the truck. We have a soda fountain system that has pull handles and looks like beer taps. Only about 80 restaurants in the country have these taps with us being the only ones in Texas!

  • AmyS

    So on your facebook page when it says “the beer is cold”, it’s the beer people are bringing? I’m confused.

  • BellaTrinoDFW

    It looks like your referring to the Dec 21 post which states in the post that we were at the Rahr & Sons Brewery in Fort Worth that day. So yes, the beer was supplied by our hosts.

  • Janie Bradford


    A friend and I stopped by BellaTrino about a month ago and it was incredible. Loved the food and the personnel was so helpful in our choices. Highly recommend.