Chef Chris Ward’s New Lunch Menu at The Mercury: Burgers and Chicken Fried Steak!

mercuryChef Chris Ward has just added a list of burgers and sandwiches to his lunch menu at The Mercury. Burgers are the star followed by muffulettas, pastrami dips, and fried chicken skins with cream gravy.  One of the best versions of chicken fried steaks I’ve eaten in Dallas was made by Ward. Now he serves it as a sandwich. Makes me wonder if he’s test driving a new concept to open. Go. Eat. Report. Full menu below.

Mercury Burger Menu

(Served at Lunch Only)

11:00 am – 3:00 pm

Monday – Friday


All burgers served with Spicy Mayonnaise

Classic Burger $8.50

Tex-Mex Burger $9.50

Mushroom and Swiss $9.50

Blue Cheese and Bacon $10.50
Portobello and Avocado $10.50
Jalapeño Fire $ 9.50
Fried Egg and Bacon $10.50
Pulled Brisket Burger $10.50

Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich $12.50

Muffaletta (classic New Orleans sandwich) $10.50

Patty Melt $10.50
Rueben $ 9.50
Pastrami Dip $10.00
Grilled 4 Cheese $ 8.50
Chili Cheeseburger $10.50



Chili $ 2.25

Skinny Onion Rings $ 4.25
French Fries $ 3.75
Cheese Fries $ 4.75
Portobello Fries with Ranch $ 5.50

Fried Chicken Skins with Cream Gravy $ 4.50


Additions $1.00 extra

$2.50 for Blue Cheese and Bacon



  • Bud Kennedy

    He’s had burgers and CFS at the Mercury in Fort Worth for years —

  • Bud Kennedy

    (Not his restaurant anymore but still his menu)

  • joeat

    “not his restaurant anymore”? Is that when they started doing stupid things like hiring Bob to run the front end which lasted about 20 minutes? Just curious and who owns the joint now?

  • lol eat a

    I just had lunch at the Mercury last week and WOW what amazing food! Especially the Fire Burger and the Tex Mex Burger! I have never had a burger that taste so good without costing an arm and a leg! Everyone needs to try the Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich. My friend had it and says they have never tasted anything so incredible!!!! I give Mercury 5 Stars on the New Burger Menu! Oh don’t forget to try the Portobello Fries Unbelievable!!!!!

  • Beverly Beck

    Found this menu last week. Great new option for lunch in PF. Nice addition chef!!

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  • foodie

    MCrowd still owns Mercury.