Five Reasons Why You Should Attend “A Community Cooks” at Paul Quinn College on April 11

A Community Cooks 2013Every year, the football field-turned-We Over Me Farm at Paul Quinn College puts on a fundraiser that I mark into my calendar with a bright pink highlighter. Not even two free tickets to the Dallas Symphony’s April 11 concert (featuring Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 2, by the way) can sway me from my commitment to attend “A Community Cooks” on Thursday at 6 p.m. Here’s why:

Reason #1

I love farm manager Andrea Bithell, and the work study students who work side-by-side in the fields with her do too. Spend five minutes with her, and you can see that she genuinely cares about the community and her kids.

Reason #2

There will be peacocks. The Greenhill School of Addison recently donated Bonnie and Capone, a 6-month-old brother and sister pair, to Paul Quinn College Farm. They act as security guards to keep snakes and other pests away from the produce that’s growing. Apparently, the peacocks are also befriending the farm’s resident chickens: Dizzy, Lady Bird, and Irva.

Reason #3

The food is killer. Eddie “Lucky” Campbell is shaking up some fun cocktails, while a sexy lineup of Dallas’ best chefs are gathering on the field to cook their signature recipes with locally grown ingredients. (Participating chefs include: Randall Copeland, AVA;  Garreth Dickey, DISH Restaurant & Lounge;  Graham Dodds, Central 214;  Jason Ferraro, Hibiscus;  Jeff Harris, Bolsa;  Chad Houser, Café Momentum;  Orazio LaManna, Legends Hospitality/Dallas Cowboys Stadium;  Dan Landsberg, Dragonfly;  Brian Luscher, The Grape; Jason Maddy, Oak;  Matt McCallister, FT33; Janice Provost, Parigi;  Anastacia Quiñones, Komali;  Jim Severson, Sevy’s;  Nathan Tate, Boulevardier; Sharon Van Meter, 3015 at Trinity Groves; and Mark Wootton, Garden Café.)

Reason #4

You get to walk around a farm, breathe fresh air, and praise your lucky stars you don’t live in Shanghai. Pollution there is foul. Paul Quinn Farm’s air is not.

Reason #5

Tickets are inexpensive. $75? Psh. That’s only $32 dollars more than these Posh Instant Noodles. The money from this fundraiser also goes back to the We Over Me Farm, which needs all the support it can get. It’s directly addressing the lack of healthy, affordable foods in its area, and trying its hardest to provide “safe food options to economically depressed areas.”

To purchase tickets, click on this link. Paul Quinn College Farm is located at 3837 Simpson Stuart Road, Dallas. You can get more info if you visit the Facebook page.