• The Guy

    The Lobster Roll. It’s been a hotly debated topic for a few months now, and after having sampled some of the best ones in New England this fall, I thought I’d give two of the big local players a try and see how they compared.

    EAST HAMPTON SANDWICH CO.–it’s located in Snider Plaza near Lover’s, so parking’s not too bad. Got the lobster roll to go. It’s $16 and comes with very tasty housemade potato chips. The roll itself was not bad, if not exactly stuffed with lobster. Warmed it up for dinner that night, and it was still quite tasty. Mostly knuckle and claw meet, with chives and microgreens on the roll. My concluding thought was it just barely made it worth the pricetag.

    TJ’s SEAFOOD (Oak Lawn)–$22, so don’t make it your everyday sandwich. In fact, I had to take a deep breath at that price to pull the trigger. At least you get a couple of sides with it. I chose the salad, which had an absolutely killer dressing, and fresh grilled veggies (squash and zucchini, if I recall). And then, there’s the roll itself.

    The chef uses challah bread, which worked perfectly on absorbing the butter yet holding the sandwich together. An astounding amount of lobster meat. The sandwich was warm, the service was very nice, the tea was great. I can’t find one thing to fault with this meal. I know it’s pricey, so I will go only when rewarding myself or for a special event. Can’t wait, though.

    EAST HAMPTON (again)–I went yesterday, and again got the Roll to go. Took it out that night to warm it up, and imagine my surprise at finding it contained ONE MEDIUM SIZED CLAW. There may have been a couple of other shreds of lobster in there, but for the most part, it took my award for Biggest Ripoff Meal of the Year. I don’t know if it was intentional or what, but I assume they make enough of these to not ever commit this mistake. East Hampton, you had me and seriously lost me. Can’t overstate consistency, so overall winner is TJ’s…by a mile.

  • joeat

    TJ’s is very hard to beat and the shrimp cocktail is absolutely addictive. Chef Scott does a great job with everything on the menu and I have had most all of it. Service and atmosphere are great. It is my to go to place for lunch.

  • twinwillow

    Two of us had lunch at The Porch on Tuesday. We both had (decent) Caesar salads and shared a huge appetizer portion of mussels. The mussels were really good sized but along with the broth, tasteless.

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